*Warrior Cats Love Story:Part 1*

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I’ve seen a lot of Warrior Cats love story’s, but they were almost all for she-cats! What if a tom stumbled on them! Wouldn’t he get disappointed? Well, THIS love story works for both toms and she-cats!

Here’s some information! Clan: LeafClanLeader: RiverstarDeputy: ThornpeltI just want to make something quite clear! When ever you see a “1”, that will stand for your name.

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. The wind carries the sent of prey. What do you do?
  2. You soon spot it and it’s a- DOE!
  3. Your paws move you towards the deer. As you’re about to attack, a twig snaps, scaring it off.
  4. You wake up from your dream. What’s your reaction?
  5. A brown tabby walks into the Warriors Den. “1, Thornpelt wants you and I to go out on a hunting patrol with Sunpatch and Duskbreeze.”
  6. As you walk out of the den and get to the Camp entrance, a siamese cat smiles at you. “Are you nervous? You did just become a Warrior.”
  7. She nods as an orange and white Tom pads over. “Hey Duskbreeze!” He says, “Hey 1! You ready?”
  8. “Well come on then!” The brown tabby says, walking over. “Let’s go!”
  9. Your patrol splits into two. You take..?
  10. After a few seconds, you pick up in the sent of a mouse! How do you plan to catch it?
  11. You catch the mouse! Behind you, there’s a rustle in the tall grass. What do you think it is?
  12. A light blue she-cat comes tumbling out of the grass with a fox struggling in her paws. “Help me!” She yells.
  13. The fox screeches and runs away. The she-cat has a few scratches on her ears and belly, but that’s all. “Thanks.” She pants.
  14. You take the mouse in your mouth and helps her back to Amberbud the medicine cat. “She’ll be fine.” He says.
  15. It’s been a few days since the fox attack, and you’re chosen to go to the gathering!
  16. Sunpatch,Slashfur,Silverwind,Duskbreeze, and yourself were the chosen warriors. Glowpaw and Mistpaw were the chosen apprentices. You have sometime to talk. Who do you go to?
  17. (If you chose Sunpatch) You walk up to the tom. His yellow patches seem to glow in the moonlight. “Hey Sunpatch! “Hello 1!” Sunpatch starts to purr.
  18. (If you chose Slashfur) You walk over to Slashfur. His head whips around to you and he smiles. “I thought you might’ve been someone else.” He then whispers, “You can’t trust anyone...”
  19. (If you chose Silverwind) You’re about to walk over to Silverwind when you see she’s already coming over. “Isn’t this nice?” She says.
  20. (If you chose another warrior) You walk over to an OwlClan warrior. The gray cat turns around. “Hello.” He says calmly. “Hello. It’s to bad OwlClan and LeafClan don’t get along. We have so much in common.”
  21. Your leader, Riverstar, leaps onto the rock and yowls. ~~~ After addressing some important manners, you start to head home. You stray behind to catch a thrush. When you get back, you head for the warriors den. Who do you sleep by?

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