Snowleg's love story[for she-cats!]part1

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Hello! I'm wavewhisker of riverclan! I started a brand-new warriors cats love story. Remember, this quiz is only for she-cats. I want to make a love story only for toms,so look forward to it.

This quiz is a warrior cats love story. There are 3 toms in thunderclan that loves you. In this quiz, you will choose which tom will be your mate. It is all your choice to choose. Have fun!

Created by: wavewhisker

  1. You are born at the nursery, with lionpaw,your brother. There are other toms,named mosskit, dolphinkit, and thornkit. Mosskit came to you and said,"hello,snowkit. I'm mosskit. Nice to meet you." What did you think?
  2. Mosskit continues,"that gray cat over there is dolphinkit. He is my brother."you looked at dolphinkit. He said,"nice to meet you,snowkit." What did you think?
  3. "That cat is thornkit. He was born yesterday."you looked at thornkit. He was smaller than the other toms. He smiled at you,happily that he got other cats to play with.
  4. 2 moons later,dolphinkit and mosskit became apprentice. What did you think?
  5. You finally got your apprentice name snowpaw. Your mentor is hollowfall,a black-and white she-cat. You went to the apprentice den with thornpaw and lionpaw,your brother. Dolphinpaw and Mosspaw welcomed them happily. Dolphinpaw said,"congratulations,snowpaw."and gentlely brushed his fur to yours. What did you think?
  6. "Snowpaw! It's training time!" The next morning, you wake up in the apprentice den.mosspaw was calling at you."we are going to be late!" You see outside and notice that you are late. You ran with mosspaw to the training spot.
  7. You saw hollowfall, your mentor's angry face,and said "sorry!"hollowfall said,"I am not angry at you, snowpaw. I am angry at mosspaw. You are a well-experienced apprentice. Why didn't you come?" "No. He try to wake me up,so I don't have to be late." "Well then,"hollowfall said,"let's see what you got."
  8. After training,dolphinpaw came and sat next to you,putting a crow by your side."do you want to share this crow with me?" He asked.
  9. The next day,you and thornpaw and their mentors went on hunting."I will show you guys the hunter's crouch." Hollowfall said,as she crouched on the ground."can you imitate this?"she continued. You and thornpaw crouched on the ground,trying to imitate hollowfall."snowpaw,use your tail to balance." It was Icefang,thornpaw's mentor.hollowfall and icefang purrs at each other,happily.
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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