warrior cats love story~~for She-cats~~part 3

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Hello! I'm wavewhisker of riverclan! I'm so sorry but this will be the last of my warrior cats love story~~for she-cats~~. I'm working on a brand-new warrior cats love story,so if you liked this, please try that one too!

This is a warrior cat love story.Willowfang will choose which cat she likes on this part.it is all your choice who will be your mate.enjoy!I put pictures on the quiz,and the results. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: wavewhisker

  1. When you got fernheart inside the riverclan camp, fernheart suddenly screams,"attack!" Shadowclan cats fill the camp attacking the warriors. The next moment,kestrelwing was pinned by fernheart. "Help!" He yelled. Fernheart said, "if you want to see him ever again, come with me and be my mate."
  2. "Why are you doing this?" You asked fernheart. He answered,"because I can take over the forest!" "Where is the leader of shadowclan? I have to talk with him.""i'm the shadowclan leader now."said fernheart."I killed lakestar,and take over shadowclan.""you what!?"you yelled.
  3. Suddenly,something jump out of the warriors den and pinned fernheart. It was blizzardfoot and shadeclaw,both growling with anger.kestrelwing soon got up,and joined them.
  4. Fernheart ran away,screaming"retreat!!"all the shadowclan warriors ran away,and riverclan warriors won the battle.you said to the three toms, especially looking _______.who did you look?
  5. Blizzardfoot began,"willowfang,w...we all kind of love you." Shadeclaw continued."so,if you like one of us..." then they all said,"will you marry me?"
  6. If you choose blizzardfoot, continue. Blizzardfoot purrs and licks your ear.you lick his ear too. 2 moons later,you have kits named hollowkit,and dandelionkit.
  7. If you choose shadeclaw,continue. He brushes his fur to yours.you purr to him. 2 months later, you have kits named dirtkit and stripekit.
  8. If you choose kestrelwing,continue.He purrs at you and you said,"we are going to be busy!" 2 months later,you have kits named redkit and wolfkit.
  9. Last of all,who do you like the best?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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