Warrior cats love story = part 3

It's Warrior cats love story = part 3 ! Please rate comment I appreciate you taking my quiz. Please take parts 1 and 2 first then it'll make WAY more sense.

Hi it's Rubyheart529 here with "Warrior cats love story = part 3! Also keep a lookout for part 4 and I advise you to do quizzes 1 and 2 before you do number 3 thx bye hope you like the quiz remember to rate and comment about it!

Created by: Rubyheart529
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  1. So u have woken up and Flameclaw is about to tell you what happened to Oakstar (your father) right?
  2. "You see Silverheart (you) do you remember the rogues that attacked us?" You nod "well they.....kind of came to camp and attacked then then the black furred one attacked Oakstar and took his last life. After that they ran off like that was their main goal." Says Flameclaw struck by shock and grief by your fathers death you run into the woods to the lake and look to the stars. What do you do?
  3. Suddenly you hear screeches coming from camp. You run to find the same black rogue that killed your father and Wolfang fighting Hawkheart. You go to help him but by the time you get there the rogue had bit open Hawkheart's throat."NOOO!!" You screech but Hawkheart had closed his eyes for the last time. (And yes I'm cutting out another character) Your thoughts:
  4. After burying Hawkheart Flameclaw introduces you to the new deputy Snowfall. "Hi I'm Silverheart." You say "I'm Snowfall it is a pleasure to meet a beautiful cat like you." He says,looking beside you, you see Flameclaw narrowing his eyes at Snowfall.
  5. Soon you bump into Stargazer"hey Silverheart I need to talk to you about something important." Following him into a clearing he looks into your eyes "Silverheart I don't really know what you're going to say but I love you so much. And it's kind of hard for me to open up my heart to other cats but will you please be my mate?"
  6. Then Stargazer nudges you "look" he says following his gaze you see a lot of she cats following Sunfur and you hear him say "Flowerbloom I love you." To a she cat with white fur and red splotches that look like flowers. Then you see Brightspirit, another she cat flirting with Flameclaw! And finally you spot Falconswoop flirting with another she cat named Cinderheart! "So?" Says Stargazer "will you be my mate Silverheart?"
  7. Whatever you were going to say you end up saying yes.Entwining your tail with his you walk back to camp. Sunfur Flameclaw and Falconswoop rush up to you "Silverheart I thought you loved me." Says Flameclaw
  8. You decide on saying "I did until I saw you flirting with BRIGHTSPIRIT." You growl leaving Stargazer Sunfur rushes up "what about me?" He asks "I'm not dumb" you say "I heard you tell Flowerbloom that you love her." You snarl "I was doing it to make her leave me alone." He says
  9. Pushing past Sunfur you are almost to your den when Falconswoop blocks your path. "I love you Silverheart." He says "DON'T LIE TO ME!" You screech "I SAW YOU FLIRTING WITH CINDERHEART! And I HOPE you don't break her heart like you did to mine!"
  10. When you get to your nest you hear a distant battle cry when.......CLIFFHANGER!!
  11. Please rate and comment to help me get better I appreciate you taking my quiz keep a lookout for "Warrior cats love story = part 4" coming soon! Bye!

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