Warrior Cats Love Story= Part 1

Hi this is a quiz where u are a she cat named Silverheart and u have to choose toms that all like u. Hope u like it please comment rate and be nice about it it is my first quiz.

Have u ever wanted to experience what someone feels like when there are multiple people/cats that love u but u can only choose one? Do this quiz to find ur true warrior cat love!

Created by: Rubyheart529
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  1. U wake up to find ambermoon (the deputy) calling to u,"hey Silverheart (you) can u help go on a border patrol with flameclaw sunblaze and maplewind?"
  2. On your way to the patrol u bump into a ginger cat with blue eyes."hey are u Silverheart? Ur supposed to come on patrol with me By the way my name is Flameclaw."
  3. When back from the patrol u crash into a handsome Tom with gray fur and amber eyes.
  4. "I'm so sorry!" Says the tom "I'm Wolfang and u must be silverheart! I should of been more careful, but I guess it's good I bumped into a pretty she cat like u." He says
  5. After talking to Wolfang u go eat but a tom with sky blue eyes drops a rabbit at ur feet "want to share?" He asks "I'm Hawkheart and u must be Silverheart
  6. While eating with Hawkheart u see a handsome toms his claws as sharp as a Falcons talon staring at u
  7. The Tom then comes up to u and says "hi I'm Falconswoop do u want to share tongues with me Silverheart cuz ur pretty."
  8. The deputy assigns u to go on hunting patrol with Falconswoop Wolfang flameclaw and hawkheart who do u walk with?
  9. Whoever u chose u notice that Wolfang's pelt is brushing urs what are ur thoughts.
  10. U see the other toms giving Wolfang a warning glance and u end up hunting with flameclaw
  11. Flameclaw leans in and entwined his tail with u and u:
  12. U suddenly hear yowling and snarling from where Wolfang Hawkheart and Falconswoop are u rush to find a....CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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