Warrior cat love story part 1

Who will your mate be? Will it be your best friend or the one who saves your life? Take the quiz to find out! You star out as a she-cat named Maplepaw, then earn your warrior name. You meet many toms but you can only pick one, or none!

You can also read the books by the way. You have many options. You can choose what you say, think, dream or do! I really hope you like this quiz. By the way this is my first quiz, it doesn't have many questions, because I couldn't think of many. But, any way, enjoy!

Created by: Peyton

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  1. Okay, you are an apprentice name Maplepaw. You are sleeping and a paw nudges you gently. You open your eyes and look up to see Riverwing. "Do you want to go hunting with me," he says. Your reponse is...
  2. You had just told Riverwing your answer, when Nightblaze walks over. "Hi Maplepaw. I brought you some fresh-kill if you want to share it with me." "You are about to reply when you hear a yowl of a frightend cat and a howl of a dog. "Waht's happening?" You see an apprentice named Daisypaw 3 moons younger than you being chased by two dogs. She ran into to camp with the dogs following her. A black and white dog leaps at you and knocks you down. It crouches over you and bites you and bites you. You think...
  3. Two moons later..... It's been two moons since the dog attack and Daisypaw has recovered. You are at the gathering. All of the clans are there. The gathering has just started. A ThunderClan tom named Bramblestorm comes to sit by you. "Hi I'm Maplepaw." You say. "Not any more." You heard a voice say. You looked up to see Twinstar, your leader. "You will now be known as Maplecry." Everyone cheered your name. You had just become a warrior, at a gathering. Wow, that was unexpected, you thought. "What a beautiful name." Bramblestorm said. You saw Nightblaze give him a hostile glare. The gathering was soon over and you headed back to camp. So what do you think about being a warrior?
  4. You are in Thunderclan camp and Riverwing was padding up to you. "Um, Maplecry." He shifted his paws nervously. "Look, I really like, um, Skyshine, and I was wondering if you had any advice. You say....
  5. "I'm just kidding!" Riverwing burst out laughing. "I came to ask you-" Suddenly Graynight, the handsome tom that saved you from the dogs, came up to you then Nightblaze, then Bramblestorm. There all glared at each other for a moment, than Graynight says, "let's let Maplecry pick her mate." "Maplecry," Nightblaze muttered. "Who do you pick?" "Um, I-" "What are you doing." Twinstar walked up. "Nightblaze, Maplecry. You two go hunt. The rest of you get some sleep." The other cats glared fiercely at Nightblaze then stormed off toward their dens. What are you thinking right now?
  6. You just finished hunting and it's time for bed. You dream about....
  7. You wake from the sound a tounge rasping over a cat's fur...your fur. Graynight was grooming you! What do you do?
  8. So did you like my quiz? There will be part 2!
  9. By the way, which cat would you have chosen?
  10. I'm exicited! Are you?

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