Warrior cats love story

Who...is...your...mate? Find out here! This is for she-cats and toms! Or are you too fierce to have a mate?

Age does not matter, by the way! Male or female, it does effect. So PLEASE tell the truth, or you may not get the correct mate. And do not do the questions to get a certain mate. Be truthful, please.

Created by: Berryheart
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  1. Okay, first. What pelt do you like?
  2. Okay, first. What pelt do you like?
  3. Alright, so let's do some rolplay. A brown tabby tom comes up to you. "Hi," he meows.
  4. (What ever you said) he purrs. "Hi, my name's Rabbitshade. I'm the new medicine cat." Then your friend, Willowfoot, comes up to him. "Your the loner that every cats' gossip!"
  5. Suddenly, the medicine cat, Lilyleaf, calls to Rabbitshade, "Mouse-brain! Quit gossiping and come here!" Rabbitshade meowed 'bye' and walks off. Willowfoot turns to you.
  6. Then Willowfoot leaves to find her apprentice, Poppypaw. Sandheart, a fox-hearted pale ginger she-cat, comes up to you. "Do you think I will be next deputy, flea-pelt?"
  7. Okay. No more rolplay! Sorry. Okay, pick one trait you want your mate to have.
  8. Mmm...okay. Now, tom or she-cat?
  9. Alright. You are a lot, with two sisters and a brother. Then you run into a fox kit. What do you do?
  10. Alright. The end is coming, don't worry.
  11. Okay! Done! How did you like this quiz?

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