*Warrior Cats Love Story:Part Two*

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I’ve seen a lot of Warrior Cats love story’s, but they were almost all for she-cats! What if a tom stumbled on them! Wouldn’t he get disappointed? Well, THIS love story works for both toms and she-cats! I’d also like to say that NEXT time, you’ll get the chance to like the OwlClan warrior!

Here’s some information! Clan: LeafClan Leader: Riverstar Deputy: Thornpelt Med.Cat: Applescar Main Queen: Flowereyes I just want to make something quite clear! When ever you see a “1”, that will stand for your name.

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. You wake up the next day. Somehow Silverwind rolled next to you.
  2. When you get out of the den, Sunpatch runs up to you. “1!” As he stops in front of you, you see he’s scared. “Slashfur attacked an OwlClan patrol!”
  3. As you’re about to run out, Duskbreeze stops you. “He did it himself, he’s gonna have to fight alone.” She says sternly.
  4. When Slashfur comes back in battle scared, Thornpelt says Riverstar needs him. As Applescar pokes her head out of her den, you think:
  5. When Slashfur slouches out of the leaders den, his head is down. You walk up to him and he stares at you. “I’m out. I’m a rouge.”
  6. His eyes glisten with tears. “Before I leave, I gotta tell you something. I love you...”
  7. Slashfur then looks down and dashes away. Your first thought is:
  8. It’s been moons since the Slashfur Attack, but he’s been going in and out of your head. Do you love him?
  9. Flowereyes’ kits are ready to be apprentices. There are three. You are called into Riverstar’s den. Who else do you think will get an apprentice?
  10. It’s you, Duskbreeze, and Thornpelt! Riverstar calls the Clan together. The kits are Shinekit, Palmkit, and Scarkit.
  11. Riverstar jumps onto the fallen tree and calls the Clan together. “We are here today to give three Clan kits their apprentice names. Come forward.” He then looked at Duskbreeze. “Duskbreeze, you will be mentor to Palmpaw. This will be your first apprentice. Share your strength and kindness with her. I know you will train her well, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.” You think:
  12. Riverstar then looked to Thornpelt. “Thornpelt, you will be mentor to Scarpaw. You are strong and intelligent. Pass all you can down to this kit.” Your thoughts are:
  13. Finally, Riverstar looks at you. “1, you will be mentor to Shinepaw. This will be your first apprentice. You are kind,fierce,bold, and loyal, and I wish for you to pass all this down to her.” You:
  14. You touch your nose to Shinekit. (Me: Hey! Do you want descriptions of the apprentices?)
  15. (If yes, keep reading, if no, just skip. For 1-3) 1: Palmpaw is a pale tan cat with bright green eyes.
  16. (I hope you know these don’t affect score) 2: Scarpaw is a black tom with a small strange pink line on his sides.
  17. (I just had to do one last one!) 3: Shinepaw is a golden she-cat with bright green eyes.
  18. You head to bed and sleep where?

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