Snowleg's love story[for she-cats!]part2

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Hello! I am wavewhisker of riverclan! This is my warrior cats love story season two! You will choose the tom you love, and become mates. It is all your choice to choose. Have fun!

This is a warrior cats love story. Snowleg in thunderclan will choose who will be her mate,and who she loves.remember, this is for she-cats, not toms. I will be making a love story only for toms, so look forward to it.

Created by: wavewhisker
  1. That night,you saw the three toms sleeping separately. Who do you want to sleep next to?
  2. After several moons,you received a warrior name snowleg. Dolphinpaw became dolphinwave, mosspaw became mossjump, and thornpaw became thornblaze.
  3. It has been two days after you became a warrior. You are on about morning patrol with thornblaze,a senior warrior,wolfpelt,and your former mentor hollowfall. Thornblaze brushed his pelt against yours. How did you feel?
  4. Suddenly, a weird smell caught snowleg's attention. It was...a fox! You heard a fox's growl of anger. Wolfpelt notice it, and so does thornblaze and hollowfall. Wolfpelt suddenly stands in front of you. What do you think?
  5. The fox came out of the bushes and attacked wolfpelt. Thornblaze pounced on the fox's back and started clawing the fox. Snowleg joined them, thinking about...
  6. Soon the fox ran away,growling at the cats. Wolfpelt collapsed on the ground, yowling with pain. You ran to help wolfpelt get up and you realized there was a deep scar on his chest.
  7. "We have to go back to camp! Wolfpelt is hurt!" You shouted. Thornblaze quickly nodded,and supported wolfpelt from the other side. The patrol headed back to camp when suddenly, something jumped out of the bushes. It was mossjump and the medicine cat larkspin.
  8. "thank you for saving me."you said to wolfpelt. Without replying, wolfpelt licks your ear.
  9. Who did you love the best?
  10. How was the quiz?

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