Warrior cats story ((part 1))

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Many people love the awesome, adventurous, and suspensful warrior cats series. This fun quiz is a nice way to pass time, and get your creative side flowing!

Ever wanted to star in your own warrior cats adventure? Well this quiz is for you! Full of cliffhangers, surprises, and lots of fun things, this quiz is a great was to pass time! Look out for part 2!

Created by: Lilly Cupcakes

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  1. You are in the den, getting ready to go to sleep. Suddenly, a kit jumps out at you and scares you. "THE CLAN IS UNDER ATTACK!!" whitekit yells. So you quickly run around the camp, but dont see any attackers. You realize whitekit was just playing a game. Suddenly, Stonetail, Lightclaw, and Tigerblaze rush over to you! " (your name)! Are you okay?" Shouts stonetail. "yeah I guess.." You reply and tell them about what whitekit did. What do you do or say now?
  2. The next morning, Amberstar (your leader) comes up to you and says "(your name)! You can go on hunting patrol this morning. choose 2 cats you want to go with." Who do you choose to come with you?
  3. While you are hunting, two fierce looking kittypets come up to you and whoever you chose to be on patrol with, and scowl at you. "Bring us to your leader" They say. "NEVER!!" you shout and then gaze over at the people you choseto go on hunting patrol with. What do you say or do now?
  4. When you get back to camp, you look behind you and notice the two cats you took on patrol with you are still fighting the kittypets. "Lets's hope they are ok!" You think. You tell the other warriors and your leader what is going on. Suddenly, the two cats you brought on patrol with you come rushing back. "we killed one of the kittypets!" One of them shouts."What about the other?" Says a queen named flowerspetal. "We drove them off." says the other cat you brought on patrol. What do you say now?
  5. A few sunrises later, it is time for the gathering. Amberstar says to you, "You get to go to the gathering (your cats name)! Me, Leaffeather (the deputy),clawcloud,sunnypaw, and bramblespots are coming too" You are very exited because you dont get to go to a gathering often. What do you say to Amberstar?
  6. Finally, when you get to the gathering you sit with other warriors and chat. Blazestar, (the leader of crystal;clan) announces, "please quiet down! We are about to start the ceromony!" Then the leaders talk, and you listen. While blizzardstar is talking, crowpaw ( a frostclan apprentice ) shouts "cloverclan (your clan) has been stealing our prey!" And he pounces on leaffeather and puts a deep scratch in his throat, killing leaffeather. "CROWPAW!!YOU KNOW THAT IS JUST THE STORY!!" Shouts the frostCLAn leader. "Im very sorry amberstar. he will be deeply punished." Says the frostclan leader. Were leaving. says amberstar. so you start heading back.
  7. When you get back amberstar announces the news to the clan. One of the warriors threaten an attack on frostclan! Since she has called a gathering, she says "yes, the truce has been broken for frostclan. But i must choose a new deputy. So, the new deputy will be... Spikeblossom!Everyone cheers spikeblossom's name, then you get ready to go on night patrol.
  8. On night patrol you are patrolling by the lake. Suddenly, you get too close and slip in. '_____________!" You yell just before you start going under.Then, everything goes black. What would you say, filling in the blank?
  9. The next thing you know, you wake up with leafsparkle (the med cat) and spikeblossom (the deputy) looking over at you. "Something happaned." Announces leafsparkle.
  10. ( no effect on answers ) pick a random word.

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