Warrior cat~break before PART 4~

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Created by: Falconheart
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  1. Hey guys I am taking a break before I go on to part four and I am using the results as the main characters so it just shows what they look like and how they act. And I did find pictures of the cats which took FOREVER because I like to be perfect and the cats have to have the same eye color and pelt. :3
  2. Four cats trampled threw the undergrowth, their paws thrumming hard on the bare ground as they crossed open moorland. One of the cats tripped over their own paws from tiredness and a lack of food. "Hey can we stop for the night?" She asked slowing down, she licked her bleeding pad and looked at the other cats. "Well I guess we could..." Replied a brown tabby she-cat who looked at the two calico sisters. "Ya sure why not?" The one with Amber eyes looked at her sister with green eyes. "Ya I don't mind, what about you Stormfang?" A grey she-cat with dark black stripes answered with a shrug, "okay, at least we could try to hunt here." The five she-cats padded on looking for a safe place to shelter.
  3. The two calico sisters found a hollow big enough to shelter them all. "Good job Cherrywhisker and Brookclaw!" The brown tabby she-cat exclaimed as she bounded into the hollow. Both of their eyes gleamed with joy as they followed her in. The small white and black she-cat followed close behind Stormfang. "Cherrywhisker," Stormfang called, "want to go out hunting together?" The calico she-cat with green eyes replied, "ya, hold on I have to tell Falconheart something first." Cherrywhisker bounded off over to the brown tabby she-cat and quickly talked to her.
  4. Cherrywhisker left with Stormfang off to go hunt while Darestripe was getting her pads checked by Falconheart. The white she-cat with tiger like stripes flinched as Falconheart applied herbs to her pads. "There, all done!" Falconheart announced to Darestripe. "Thanks," Darestripe grumbled as she limped back to her nest. Cherrywhiskers sister, Brookclaw, padded in and sat in front of Falconheart. "Why did we even have to come here?" She asked, "well, remember? Starclan sent us. We have to leave our clan for good or we might send harm to it." Brookclaw looked away, "I'm going to miss the clan..." She studied her white paws as Falconheart licked her ear, "it's okay Brookclaw, we're a family now and we can look for a new home."
  5. Falconheart padded away from Brookclaw and saw Cherrywhisker and Stormfang come back with a few rabbits clamped in their jaws. They dropped their catch while they looked around joyfully. "Look what we got," Cherrywhisker flicked her sisters ear with her long tail. Brookclaw picked one of the rabbits up and started to share with Cherrywhisker. Falconheart ate with Darestripe and Stormfang. "Do you think this was a good idea?" Falconheart asked looking mostly at Darestripe. "Yes, it was for the good of our clan, if we stayed the clan would've been destroyed!" Stormfang looked around quickly and ate a big piece of rabbit. Darestripe shrugged, "I agree with Stormfang." Falconheart sighed and started to eat.
  6. Darestripe looked at Falconheart from Stormfang with her clear green gaze. She flicked her tail after finishing her meal and went over to her nest, she layed down and instantly fell asleep. She felt the other cats around her shuffle towards their nest and fall asleep.
  7. Darestripe woke up to see a starry cat form in front of her. The cat flicked her tail for Darestripe to follow, she followed her quickly threw the forest. Their paws thudding on the ground as she jumped over a tree limb. The starry cat flew into a holly bush, Darestripe followed feeling the edge of a cliff at her paws. She looked down and saw a cliff that followed down into a wide open hollow with caves and trees and a small stream on the side.
  8. "Why are we here," Darestripe asked curiously as she jumped onto cliff ledges all the way down to the soft springy grass. "This is were you will be staying young one." The Starclan cat responded, with ease she jumped down the cliff and landed beside Darestripe. Darestripe looked around once more before waking up, she blinked the sleep out of her eyes and looked around to see the other cats already awake and moving around.
  9. Stormfang yawned and shook out her pelt. She saw Darestripe picking her way towards them. Her white tabby pelt was ruffled from sleep and her piercing green eyes flicked back and forth tiringly. Stormfang wrapped her long grey tail around her silver paws and looked at her anxiously, "hey Darestripe, sleep soundly?" Darestripe answered with a shrug and sat beside Cherrywhisker. She licked her shoulder fur and announced, "Starclan sent me a dream about where we're going to stay. It's a fairly large hollow with a running stream, caves, and it's protected by a cliff, that if you fall it could break a cats neck." Darestripe looked around at everyone. Stormfang jumped to her paws, "well that's great, show us were it is and we can see if it's suitable." Falconheart butted in before anyone could say anything, "we need to hunt first, then we could check it out." Stormfang sat back down and looked at her paws, "alright..." Cherrywhisker and Brookclaw padded up to Falcomheart, "we're going to go hunting, Stormfang may come with us if she'd like." Falconheart nodded and padded over to Darestripe to get more information out of her. "Come on Stormfang, you're coming hunting with us!" Brookclaw called, "alright I'll be right there!" Stormfang bounded over to them, her orangish brown eyes gleamed with excitement as they headed out of their temporary camp.
  10. Brookclaw sniffed the air cautiously and a strong stench of mouse hit her sent glands. Slinking forward slowly she spotted the brown morsel nibbling on a small berry. Brookclaw lashed her calico tail and instantly leaped forward and pinned the mouse to the ground. She nipped the mouses neck and felt the creature go limp under paw. She picked up her catch and started heading back to camp, meeting up with her sister and Stormfang they entered camp with two mice, a blackbird, and a fat vole. They dropped their catch on a pile of leaves and layed down waiting for Falconheart and Darestripe to pick their share.
  11. The she-cats gathered around in a small circle talking about their new home. "Darestripe, do you remember where it is?" Cherrywhisker asked curiously, her wide green eyes glinting with excitment. "Of course I do!" The white tabby she-cat snapped at Cherrywhisker, "do you think I'm that mousebrained?" Darestripe spit angrily, "of course not, I was just curious!" Cherrywhisker retorted. "Okay everyone calm down, we're all stressed about this, but we can't let something like that turn into a big argument." Brookclaw laid her tail over her sisters shoulders calmly as Falconheart whispered silently in Darestripes ear, Darestripes bristled fur instantly flattened as she dipped her head to Cherrywhisker, "sorry Cherrywhisker that I snapped, I was just kind of stressed I guess." Cherrywhisker shrugged, "it's alright Darestripe," Falconheart flicked her tail and looked over at the grey black she-cat, "Stormfang, what's the plan?" Stormfang looked surprised but started to talk rapidly, "well thanks for asking Falconheart, I think we should go towards the hollow but stop midway to hunt and rest, then we should start early in the morning and we should get there at dusk." Falconheart nodded thoughtfully, "alright, thanks Stormfang. Darestripe should lead us the whole way since she knows the route." Darestripe nodded, "okay sounds good."
  12. Cherrywhisker saw Darestripe get up instantly, she started to walk towards the entrance followed by Falconheart, Brookclaw, and Stormfang. Cherrywhisker followed silently, her calico tail twitched back and forth nervously. Her sister dropped back and walked along side her. "Don't be nervous, this is going to be exciting huh?" Cherrywhisker nodded absently as she heard a distant barking of a fox.
  13. She soon realized that it was not distant but very close! She saw the leaves rustle and a red fox burst threw, it's teeth pearly white as they snapped at Darestripe's neck and its long fluffy tail waved wildly in the air. She saw Falconheart bowl the fox over and Brookclaw instantly bit the fox's tail in her strong jaws. Darestripe by then has thrown the fox off of her and was now attacking another male fox. Stormfang joined with Darestripe and has the fox's leg clamped in her jaws. Cherrywhisker joined and was now clawing at the fox's flank.

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