Prison Break part 5

I decided to post this since I felt a tad guilty for posting The Girl Who Lived and not the other story that I was working on. SO therefore, Prison Break part 5 was created.

I normally won't post 4 chapters of stories every weekend so this isn't unusal. I just felt like it this week. Maybe it was to make up for not posting anything last week.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. "Fine. I'll set up tomorrow in the arcade while you meet your friend." Henry bit into his Apple as juice from the Apple flew outwards. He was obviously still upset but comforting him at a time like this would encourage him to follow me. We headed to bed and Henry was still sulking. A few hours in I woke and collected my things quietly leaving a sleeping Henry still in bed while I crept away. I followed a map that I had swindled from a vendor comparing it to the right address that was scribbled poorly on a napkin.
  2. My feet weren't in pain from walking, it had shifted into more of a numbness. The amount of people I passed became less and less as I continued on the straight path. The air had become more humid and the pavement was still damp from last night's rain. I glanced from the slowly withered napkin to the guards patrolling the streets. They gave me a suspicious looks and I tried to pretend I wasn't the centre of attention. The guards had Rottweilers to attack or intimidate threats with muzzled tightly fitted around their mouth.
  3. But other than us, there wasn't a car or person in sight. Streets bare and almost nothing else. At the end of the road, there was a building. About big enough to be a one bedroom house. When I reached the house I was able to match the address with the one on the crumpled napkin in my pocket. I had gotten the address on the streets one day from an advertisement. I recognised the name and jotted it down.
  4. As I got closer, the building appeared to be in worse shape. I heard loud noises coming from the open garage and decided to check and see who was there. Someone was working with the engine of a red prius. I went over to ask if they knew where Hunter was and tapped them on their shoulder. He turned around and faced me. His glassy green eyes had so many gold specks in them, you could get lost just by counting. His hair was that same hue it was when she had met him in the past.
  5. "Hunter right?" The moment I saw his eyes, I knew it was him but I couldn't afford to scare him away.
  6. "What!" The way he said it wasn't rude at all. It wasn't snippy but more like he had lost even more hearing since I saw him last. "Who are you!" Gosh, his sense of hearing has definitely gotten worse.
  7. "You're Hunter right!" I shouted even louder than he had. If he wants a screaming match, I'll give it to him. "Take out your earplugs!" Hunter took out his earplugs, holding them in his hand. "I have some questions"
  8. "And what might they be on?"
  9. "Absolutely everything."
  10. continue or discontinue

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