The Girl Who Lived part 50 (part 2)

WARNING: This is a multi-answer quiz like the last one. Although, I really just reused all of the answers that I possibly could. Anyway, this is part two of part 50. Hope you enjoy.

Treat this as some sort of season finale like on a TV show. I'm kind of tired considering what hour I post this up at last night. Plus, I have decided it's time for a break and I think I'll be very busy in a week or so. Til next time (or when you comment or stuff) -C.S

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I was careful when walking, not to step on any of the squeaky floor boards that needed to be patched up. Ron and Hermoine were downstairs talking with Harry. "Harry? What happened?" I asked, stepping down the last few steps. "Nothing much. I won't get charged for using magic against my aunt though." He answered. "What did she do?" Things went slightly quiet. I knew that I had asked something I shouldn't have, that it was a touchy subject.
  2. "Ron, Scarlet! Mum's calling for dinner." The twins said as they came into the room, relieving all of the awkwardness from the conversation. It seemed that all of it had just evaporated in a few seconds. Fred and George seem to be able to do this in almost every situation. We herded towards the dinner table and ate around it, like one huge extended family that wasn't estranged and tolerated each other. Unlike the Malfoy's where everyone was hostile towards one another.
  3. As usual, I took my seat between the two twins. We sat across from Ron who sat near Harry and Hermoine. Harry was soon pulled away from the table by Mr.Weasley. News flooded the entire area of Sirius Black who had escaped from Azkaban. There had been ladies at the party talking about it, but I thought that it simply was just rumors. But now that it was official and in the papers, it had to be true. I didn't like the look of this, not the slightest bit.
  4. There were news articles everywhere to be aware of Sirius Black who was on the loose and that he was after Harry. I was a bit frightened about this but, this happens almost all the time in the muggle world. I wasn't frightened for me, well maybe a little bit but more for Harry than anyone else.
  5. We continued our dinner and soon I returned upstairs to pack for Hogwarts. "Hey Ginny, are you worried about Sirius?" I waited for her response as she was so busy with her task. "Yes. This doesn't happen very often and Azkaban is a very heavily guarded place. I can't imagine how anyone would be able to escape." As I slept more, I couldn't imagine how anyone possibly could.
  6. My hours of sleep had only felt like minutes. I felt refreshed from the sleep, but it didn't feel like it had been nearly enough. It almost never does. Everyone ate a quick breakfast and then we were off to the train station platform 9 3/4. Although it's only been about two years since I entered this platform and attended Hogwarts, this felt so familiar.
  7. I had my own cart this time but the twins still shared one. "Scarlet, you know what we're going to do right?" Asked Fred. The twins picked me up as if I weighed nothing at all and placed me in their cart as if I were an item at a grocery store. "Hey, what are you doing? I'm not in first year anymore." I started to argue with them while they just laughed and waved me off.
  8. "I think it's rather obvious Freddie." George said. Fred took hold of my cart while George held onto the one I was in. It was too deep for me to hoist myself out without the help of others. George looked at me and raised his eyebrows several times. "Oh no, don't you dare." I said as if this were a threat. I could get them back if I was really determined to.
  9. "I think already know that we most certainly would dare." Both of them said. "Ready Freddie?" "Ready George." With that, and little warning, they were running towards the pillar. Their locks of hair waving in the wind while mine was tied back with that purple ribon. I would most definitely need to bring up that they need a haircut later.
  10. We were soon on platform 9 3/4, I was out of the cart and yelling at the twins. "Don't do that. It made me feel like some sort of food item that you purchase and put in your carts. For goodness sake! I'm not a first year, I'm a third year." I continued to nag at them but I have a feeling that no matter how long I went on, they would do this next year. When the train stopped, the 6 of us boarded the train and settled in our different compartments. The train soon left the station minutes after and we were off for another year of Hogwarts.
  11. PART 2
  12. I sat with Neville in a compartment. Neville and Oliver were the only people who I hadn't seen over the summer and I couldn't find Oliver in the rest of the compartments, so I sat with Neville. "How was your summer?" I asked. "I stayed with my Grams. I got to work on her garden. I learned so many different skills from her." "What kind of flowers can you plant?" I asked.
  13. Neville's never really been gifted at using his wand or magic but his eyes immediately light up when he begins to talk about plants. He certainly has a lot of potential. "Violets, Roses, Tulips and Forget Me Nots." He seems to have quite a passion for planting. "I can't wait for Herbology this year!" I could just understand his excitement from only his voice. "How was your summer?" He asked, turning towards me.
  14. "It was pretty cool. I got to cater for so many people and all I got was positive feedback. I learned how to dance and got this huge paycheck that could feed the entire Weasley family for about a year." I went on and on about my entire summer. About dancing, cooking and pretty much everything else. In the middle of the ride, I exited the compartment to change into my robes while Neville would change in the compartment.
  15. After changing into my robes, I walked on my way back to the compartment, when I bumped into Draco outside of my compartment. "Weasley." He nodded curtly. Looks like he was back to his original self. There was an icy chill, as if there was a thermostat and it had been turned down 30 degrees and it wasn't just Draco's attitude.
  16. The lights on the train flickered a little and blew out. Draco pushed me into my compartment and came in as well. There were darker figures outside and the temperature dropped again. I huddled near Neville in the corner while Draco was on the other side of me. "What is that?" I asked, not turning from the door.
  17. "It's a Dementor. Now Shush, do you want to get us killed?" Snapped Draco. As I had talked and Draco had talked, I could see our breath. "You look as if you're about to freeze to death. Here, take my jacket." Neville wrapped his jacket around me that he had been wearing earlier. I leaned in closer to him for more warmth and interlocked fingers with Draco and Neville.
  18. Neville hesitated a little but seemed fine with the situation while Draco stood a distance away from us. His hair wasn't slicked back like it had been at the party. He had gotten taller since first and second year. His facial features seemed more angular. While Neville looked taller and his facial features not as sharp as Draco's but had sharpened a little.
  19. The compartment door opened. Another huge temperature drop. I squeezed Neville's hand. My fingers one by one felt numb, then my hand, then my arm. A dark figure floated into the room. It looked similar to the Grim Reaper. That he was here to come and take our lives. The window looked almost frozen. Draco's and Neville's skin paled even more.
  20. If it was even possible. They had small icicles forming on their eyebrows. The Grim Reaper moved closer. I didn't think that it was even possibly possible, but the temperature dropped again. My vision felt a little blurred and the liquid in my eyes felt like it had dried up or it had frozen when the temperature dropped.
  21. I had no more feeling in anything. Everything felt like it was just plain numb. The feeling when a doctor injects some kind of pain relief and your body just turns to Jell-o and you are no longer capable of feel anything anymore. Except, I wasn't in some sort of doctor's office waiting to undergo some sort of huge procedure. I leaned my head over so it rested near his shoulder. I could no longer feel his warmth and I felt as if it were a battle. Me against death, and I was losing.

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