Hogwarts Love Story Part 2

Part two!! You have to take part one or else you mightn't understand whats going on...

The choices are same as last time: Cedric Diggory,Oliver Wood,Draco Malfoy,Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Fred/George Weasley.

Created by: 5thMarauder
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  1. When the sorting hat called out Gryffindor the hall erupted into cheering and clapping.You removed the hat and walked down to the table Kian joined just a minute before.You sat in between Fred and George,facing another redhead,a boy with jet black hair and.."HERMIONE!" you shouted while she yelled "______!" The four boys burst out laughing at watching you and Hermione's attempts at hugging over the table.You began to laugh but stopped when Dumbledore stood to speak.
  2. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I have a few things to say to you all,and as one of them is very serious,I think it is best to get them out of the way before you become befuddled by our excellent feast...".Dumbledore cleared his throat and continued."As you will all be aware after their search of the Hogwarts Express,our school is presently playing host to some of the Dementors of Azkaban,who are here on Ministry of Magic business".He paused and looked displeased at the fact that the Dementors were here."They are stationed at every entrance to the grounds and while they are with us,I must make it plain that nobody is to leave school without permission.Dementors are not to be fooled by tricks or disguises-or even Invisibility cloaks.It is not in the nature of a Dementor to understand pleading or excuses.I therefore warn each and every one of youth give them no reason to harm you.I look to the prefects and our new head boy and girl,to make sure that no student runs foul of the Dementors.On a happier note,I am pleased to welcome to new teachers to our ranks this year.Firstly,Professor Lupin,who has kindly consented to fill the post of Defence against the Dark arts teacher".There was some scattered rather unenthusiastic applause,only a few people clapped hard,you among them.When you looked at Snape,you saw a look on his face that was worse than hatred,it was loathing."As to our second appointment,Dumbledore continued,"well I am sorry to tell you that Professor Kettleburn,our Care Of Magical Creatures teacher,retired at the end of the last yearn order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs.However,I am delighted to say that his place will be filled by none other than Rubeus Hagrid,who has agreed to take on this teaching job in addition to his gamekeeping duties".
  3. "We should have known!" said the boy with red hair, pounding on the table."Who else would have set us a biting book?!" The Gryffindors were the last to stop clapping,and as Dumbledore started speaking again,you saw that Hagrid was wiping his eyes on the tablecloth."Well,I think thats everything of importance,"said Dumbledore."Let the feast begin!" The golden plates and goblets before you suddenly filled food and drink.You,suddenly ravenous,helped yourself to whatever you wanted."_____,this is Harry",Hermione said pointing at the boy with black hair.He waved and so did you,since your mouths were full of food."and this is Ron",she said.You swallowed your food and smiled at them.
  4. When you were finished eating,you,Hermione and the four boys went to the common room.You and Hermione decided to go to bed right away,since it was quite late.When you walked through the portrait hole,you saw Oliver who was sitting with his friends,facing the entrance.You grinned and waved,and he blushed bright red and grinned back.His friends started laughing and they turned to look at you,but you turned around and walked up to the dormitory.As soon as your head hit the pillow,you were asleep.
  5. When you woke up the next morning,you dressed and Hermione looked at you worriedly."What?" you said."You look really pale are you alright?" she said."Oh yeah,I'm part vampire"you said."but I don't suck blood,don't worry!"The two of you laughed and went down to the great hall.The first thing you saw was a tall pale boy standing in the doorway,pretending to faint and he yelled "Hey Potter! Watch out you don't faint in transfiguration!" Harry tried to get past but he blocked his way and pretended to faint."I fainted too" you said loudly,making the boy face you and then scowl at Harry and walk off. "Thanks" Harry said as you sat down at the Gryffindor table."Did you really faint?" "Yeah" you replied,laughing at Ron who was eating like he had never eaten before.(In other words really quickly)."So how do you two know each?" Ron said,pointing at you and Hermione."Our parents were friends" you said."Were friends? Why not ARE friends?" said Harry."Voldemort killed my parents" you said,and Ron choked on a piece of toast,shocked that you said the name.
  6. "Let's go to Divination" you said."It'll take ten minutes to get there".The journey to the North Tower was a long one."There's-got-to-be-a-shortcut" panted Ron,after climbing your seventh staircase."I think it's this way" said Hermione,peering down a long,empty corridor."Can't be" said Ron."That's South.You can see the lake out of the window".You and Harry were looking at a painting on the wall.A fat dapple-grey pony ambled onto the grass and began to graze nonchalantly.You were used to the paintings moving,since they always did in the Wizarding World.A moment later,a short,squat knight in a suit of armor had clanked into the picture after his pony.By the look of the grass stains on his knees,it looked as though he had just fallen off."Aha!" he yelled,seeing the four of you."What villains are these that trespass upon my private lands? Come to scorn at my fall perhaps? Draw you knaves,you dogs!".You watched in astonishment as the little knight tugged his sword out of its scabbard and began brandishing it violently,hopping up and down in rage.But the sword was too long for him;a particularly wild swing made him overbalance;and he landed face down on the grass."Are you alright?" said Harry,moving closer.The knight continued yelling and falling over for a while until Harry began to speak."Listen" he said,"we're looking for North Tower.You don't know where it is do you?" "A quest!" the knight shouted."Come,follow me good sirs and gentle ladies! On on!" He ran ahead through pictures in front of you and you all followed.You ran up a spiraled staircase,getting dizzier and dizzier.At last you reached the Divination classroom.
  7. You climbed the last few steps onto a landing,where most of the class was already assembled.There were no doors on the landing;you saw Ron nudge Harry and point at the ceiling.You looked up and saw a circular trap door with a brass plaque on it.It read: Sybill Trelawney,Divination teacher."How're we supposed to get up there?" you and Harry said at the same time.As though in answer to your question,the trapdoor opened and a silvery ladder descended.Everyone went quiet."After you" Ron said to Harry so that he had to go up first.
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