A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 6)

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Part 6 of The Philosopher's Stone. It's going quite well i think. I'm still unsure about whether you will become Seeker or not... But there are going to be a lot more parts so lots of time for me to decide!

Should you be Seeker after what happened earlier? Will you see another side to Draco or Ron? The weekend goes so fast, you barely have enough time to set things straight!

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  1. You obviously couldn't go back to sleep with that commotion going on downstairs. So you got out of bed,still in the clothes that you were wearing for Quidditch, and walked down the stairs. Half-way down the stairs you stop and listen to their argument. "I'm telling the truth Harry, I saw it with my own eyes!" Ron was shouting at Harry. "No! It can't be true Ron. We promised that we wouldn't cheat." Harry said back at Ron. But you still didn't know who they were talking about. "I saw it Harry! Oliver was hugging her!" Ron said loudly. "Ron be quieter, she's up there sleeping you know!" Hermione said. OLIVER! The only person they could be talking about after mentioning that name was:me. It all made sense now, but how does Ron know that we hugged....?
  2. You stopped listening to them and just went to see them and set things straight. "Ermm... Hello.....I heard you guys shouting from upstairs....what's wrong?" You asked the worriedly. "Nothing _______, it's OK." Harry told you. "NO! It's not OK Harry!" Ron said angrily to you, "What do you think you're doing?! He's a fifth year-you're only a first year!" Ron continued. You pretended to look shocked like you didn't know what was wrong, even though you knew exactly what they were on about from eavesdropping on their argument. "What do you mean?" You ask him clueless. "You know exactly what I mean. You're just trying to get close to Oliver, so he'll choose you for Seeker and not Harry." He said outraged as he came closer towards you, "But do you know what..." He said in almost a whisper, "Harry has something you don't, natural skill........" You were so outraged that Ron would dare to even say that when, just a couple of hours ago he was saying that you're brilliant and were better than Harry-but now that's changed. You punched Ron in the face and stormed off out of the common room. The other's don't even bother following you out and asking you what the REAL story was....so much for friends. The castle was still fairly empty, you sat on one of the benches and cried out all of the anger that Ron inflicted upon you. How do you feel?
  3. After a couple of minutes, Ron came out of the common room and started shouting at you again. You quickly stood up from the bench with your wand in your hand and pointed it at him. "Go away Ron! I'll do it Ron, i will!" You said angrily while sniffing. "Why?! Because he's a fifth year and you're a first; or is it because Harry actually has skill in Quidditch and doesn't need to make someone fall in love with him so he can get on the team!" He shouted back. Great. Now everyone knows what Ron thinks happened, but really didn't. "Expelliarmus!" You cried. At the last moment you pointed your wand in a different direction so it wouldn't hit Ron, but would fire close to him. When you said the incantation he made a run of it; but before he disappeared round the corner he yelled, "You're mental!" You sat back down and started crying again. Another couple of minutes passed before Draco came to speak to you. When Ron was shouting at you, you saw him out of the corner of your eye with Crabbe and Goyle; but when he came to see you now he was alone.
  4. "Hey ________. You Ok? It seems that you've got Weasels tail in a right knot! Are you sure you're a Gryffindor-seem more like a Slytherin to me." He said. "Go away Malfoy, i'm not in the mood!" You told him. "Not on a first name basis then. Well then _________, I think that you would be better off in Slytherin. You could have some real friends like Millicent, Daphne or me and we would be much better friends than those Gryffindor's because we are like you." He told you as if you were best friends. You cheered up a bit and said to him, "Depends.....Do you think that they would want to be friends with someone who is/was a Gryffindor? Besides, is being in Slytherin any different from being in Gryffindor?" "Probably not, but because were friends they would accept you because i did. Anytime Potter or Weasley or any of those Gryffindor's are annoying you, just come hang out with me." He said and then left. Do you accept his invitation?
  5. Since Ron isn’t in the common room anymore you decide to go talk to Harry and Hermione, to try and explain things to them. When you step into the room Harry and Hermione are still there sitting on the sofa quietly talking to themselves. You approach them and say “Hi. I’m really sorry about punching Ron in the face, but that was because he didn’t know what really happened during Quidditch practice.” Hermione was the first to talk to you, “Where did Ron go? He went to go find you to apologize to for shouting at you.” That annoying liar! “He didn’t apologize; just came to shout some more. He ran away somewhere after I cast a spell at him.” You told her feeling a bit sorry. Hermione left to go find Ron, which left you alone with Harry to try and explain things to him, who in your mind is the most important person to explain it to. “Harry I don’t know what Ron has already told you, but from what he had shouted at me I know that he has got the facts completely wrong.” You told Harry in such a way that you hope he’ll listen. “Please then ____________, explain it to me.” How do you go about explaining it to him?
  6. “Well it was all going great at the beginning when he was explaining how to play Quidditch. Then we did some flying exercises and that went amazing as well; he taught me how to dive towards the ground without breaking anything, I practiced dodging obstacles, and then he got me to hover for a couple of minutes. It was going well and I was doing well, until something went wrong with my broom. It started wobbling for no reason; I hadn’t changed my position at all. It kept on wobbling and it got worse and worse, I was practically falling off my broom when Oliver noticed and came to help me. He moved my hands to a different position to see if the broom would still. It didn’t. Oliver then instead held me in sort of a loose hug to stop me from falling off; but as the shaking got worse and worse the hug got closer and tighter. Holding me stopped me from falling off and I think we could have waited out the shaking, but then another strange thing happened. Some force threw me off the broom even though Oliver was still holding me. I started falling towards the ground.......I thought that was the end.....But Oliver caught me a couple of meters from the ground. When we landed I was so consumed in shock that I hugged him. At first he didn’t return it, but after a couple of minutes passed he did; then he told me that practice was over for today and I should go back to the common room." You told him, putting drama into your voice when the story needed it. "You're telling me the truth, aren't you?" Harry asked. "Yes. I thought you deserved it. I didn't want you hating me or thinking that i cheated to become Seeker." You told him. "Thank you." He said and hugged you. Do you feel better?
  7. "But ermm....Harry i think that you should tell Ron because i doubt he'd listen to me..." You said. Harry agreed and went to go find Ron. Since you didn't know any other Gryffindor's or where they are, you decide to take Draco up on his offer. But you realize that you don't know where he is either, so you just go for a wander and hope that you bump into somebody that you know. Who do you want to bump into?
  8. Walking round the castle you see no body that you really know; you see groups of seventh year girls, first year Ravenclaw's that you've never seen or spoken to before, and with all the wandering you haven't even seen a glimpse of Harry, Ron or Hermione. You were about to just go back to the common room and sit there for the whole afternoon, when you saw a familiar face:Neville's. "Hey there Neville! What are you doing today?" You asked as you walked over to him. "Nothing much ________. Hey i heard that you and Ron had an argument, are you OK?" He asked. "Yeah i feel much better now. I cleared it up with Harry, and i would have done with Ron but i doubt he'd listen to me; plus i wouldn't to be able to take him seriously after seeing him run away like a little girl from me after i cast a spell at him." You joked. Neville smiled because you found it funny, but in his eyes you could tell that he was somewhat concerned. "Well, since neither of us are doing anything, want to go for a walk around the building? Maybe we might find someone else." He suggested. Do you take him up on that offer?
  9. You walk around together, talking and messing about. You find out that he lives with Grandmother and she's quite strict. He finds some stuff out about you too, it seems that you both have a fair bit in common. After a while of walking around the castle it's obvious that you guys aren't going to find anyone, so you go walk outside. Once outside you start towards the Black Lake, and once you are close to it you see Draco bullying Harry and Ron. Hermione isn't there and you're sure that if she was they wouldn't still be there. You can't stand seeing them getting taunted by Draco, even if a couple of hours ago Ron was arguing at you and Draco was the only one who came to comfort you. You run down to them and stand in-between Draco and them with your wand pointed at Draco; after all it was probably Draco who started it and besides you can't turn on the other Gryffindors, that's the difference between you and Slytherin. "Go away Draco." You said sternly. "We can handle this _______. Go find Oliver." Ron said angrily. You couldn't stand that. You were just trying to help them and Ron goes and says that! You turned the wand away from Draco, who still hadn't left, and point it towards Ron. You were staring in his eyes giving him the evils, then you gave a look at Harry who was beside him that said "I thought you told him." Harry looked down at his feet, meaning that Ron wouldn't listen or believe him. "Shut up Ron! You told Harry and Hermione that you were going to apologize to me, but instead you just came to argue some more. You're no better than another Slytherin, except Draco! After the spell i cast at you, i was so upset that i sat back down on the bench and cried; no one came to see if i was OK-apart from Draco. He made me feel better, and then i went to go tell Harry what ACTUALLY happened on the Quidditch pitch. Worst of all you won't even listen to your best friend!" You angrily shouted at him. He looked so shocked that you would compare him to a Slytherin, and that you made it sound that Draco was a nice guy. But it was worth it right?
  10. "Just leave me alone Ron and never talk to me again-unless you start to see sense!" You said to him so annoyed that he could tell that you meant it. He turned around to leave and took Harry with him, that just left you, Neville and Draco with his friends Crabbe and Goyle. But when you looked behind you Neville had left, but Draco was still there. Crabbe and Goyle were staring at you with disbelief that a Gryffindor was actually capable of having an argument like that, but Draco had a smile tugging at his lips. You smiled at them and Draco said jokingly, "So are you going to take the offer?" You walked over to them and said, "Well, as long as i'm accepted." and winked at Draco who smiled. You spent the rest of Saturday with the Slytherin's and the whole of Sunday. They didn't bother anyone while you were with them, maybe it was because you are a Gryffindor.....it didn't really concern you because they were really nice and friendly towards you. Sometimes in the day you would see "Potter's Posse" as Draco calls it, you would try and ignore them, but you can still see their confused faces. All too soon the weekend had passed and it was back to magical school work. How do you think the weekend went?

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