Harry Potter Love Story Part1

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You have started your first year at Hogwarts and who knows how it will go? Either way you will have fun through all of the ups and the downs of a life at Hogwarts.

Just imagine what it would be like at Hogwarts! Well now you don't have to imagine anymore. There is only one way to find out your true Hogwarts love story but do you dare?

Created by: lennt003
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  1. It's your first day and all of the carriages in the train are packed. You decide to sit in the carriage which has the least people in it. Who do you sit next to?
  2. As you sit down you look around to see everyone's faces. There is only one that you recognise and that is Harry Potter. While looking at him what do you think?
  3. Finally the train ride is over and you carefully get off. Now it is dark and Hagrid is guiding the first years over to the lake, "Ok get in pairs an' into a boat together!" he says. You have no idea who to go with but then you see a lonely boy in a boat by himself. You get into it with him but what do you say?
  4. "Um hello I'm Neville Longbottom," he says. How do you react?
  5. You have reached Hogwarts. While you are waiting for your turn with the sorting hat you are thinking, what house do I want to be in?
  6. "_______ please come up to the sorting hat!" said Professor McGonagall. Oh no! You think as you sit down on the wooden stool. "Hmmm," said the sorting hat "wouldn't you do nicely in Gryffindor...or maybe Ravenclaw yes that's it RAVENCLAW!" You go and sit down. What is your reaction?
  7. As you look at the massive long dinner table you wonder what you should have?
  8. After you have eaten you stand up, but where are you supposed to go? Who do you ask first?
  9. But before you can go up to any one a blonde haired girl came up to you "Hello I am Penelope Clearwater and I am prefect of Ravenclaw," she said "If you need anything then I will be around." What do you think of her?
  10. As you walk up the stairs to your common room you start to trip but you feel some warm hands on your back which push you upright. You look round but there is nobody there. Who do you think caught you?
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