Do you love Harry Potter?

All around the world Pottermania is sweeping muggles off their feet. From the books, to the movies and all of the Fanfiction in-between love for the famous story is growing and growing.

But do you know your stuff? There are many details in Harry Potter that are easily over-looked. So find out if you have the knowledge of a person like Dudley or a wizard like Dumbledore.

Created by: KK
  1. What is Dumbledore's second middle name.
  2. What color hair did Tonks have the first time Harry met her?
  3. In POA what was Snape supposed to get for rescuing Harry, Ron, and Hermione from dementors?
  4. Which of these people or ghosts have NOT been petrified by a Basilisk.
  5. Why wouldn't Dumbledore eat Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans?
  6. What shape does Ron's Patronus take?
  7. What is the spell to get water to come out of a wand?
  8. What is Fleur's little sister's name?
  9. What Quidditch team did Ludo Bagman play for?
  10. In CoS who did Ron turn into with the Polyjuice Potion?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Harry Potter?