how much do you love harry potter

there are some people who say they really like harry potter.......but do they really......are you one of the people who say they love harry potter but have only seen the movie and read the last page of each book? find out how much harry really means to you

Have you read the harry potter books? did you feel sad when the series you wonder how mch you acctually know about him? take the qiz to find out how much you really love harry will know after this quiz

Created by: ryan

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  1. in the first book how did harry find out he was a wizard
  2. in the second book who sliped the book into ginnys bag?
  3. in the third book what was the name of the "gaurds" at azkaban
  4. in the fourth book how did harry get to the quiddich cup
  5. in the fith book of harry potter where did dumbledor's army meet?
  6. in the sixth book who killed dumbledore
  7. in the seventh book of harry potter did you find out everything you needed to know
  8. when the seventh book came out did you buy it the first day?
  9. did you love the eighth book
  10. r u going to the harry potter theme park when it opens?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love harry potter