Which Harry Potter Girl Are You?

Helloooo, all you Harry Potter fans! Welcome to my Which Harry Potter Girl Are You quiz! I am currently very bored. I love Harry Potter. Fred and George Weaseley are geniuses. Omg have you seen the Hunger Games movie? Cuz if you haven't, you really should!

So, ahem, back to my little quiz. After you take this, you will know which Harry Potter girl you are! (Obviously!) But I still need some more characters...

Created by: a bored kid
  1. What color hair do you have?
  2. Favorite?
  3. Favorite spell?
  4. Favorite teacher?
  5. Who would you rather go out with?
  6. Favorite creature?
  7. Who is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?
  8. What is your best trait?
  9. Which best describes you?
  10. Favorite class?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Girl am I?