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  • Your Result: Hermione Granger

    You are smart, clever, and quick. You have an amazing brain, and you can think quickly. You are a brilliant girl, and I admire you for you clear head! Not to mention that you're also really pretty...

    My mom even compares me to Hermione Granger sometimes!

    elf maiden
  • Which Harry Potter Girl Are You?
    Your Result: Ginny Weasley

    You are cute, quick, and brave. You are always up for the challenge, and you are prepared to put your own life at risk to defend what you know is right. You're also really good with reducto charms!


  • Awesome quiz! I got Hermione. Yay!

  • First time I got Hermione then I tried again with my second best answers, I got Pansy. Whut? ...

  • Hermione is my favorite!!!!! and i got her!!!!!!!!!! yay!

    serenity smith
  • @natuhleegayle lol did the same thing just it went from Ginny to hermione!


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