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  • GTQ Didn't post my quiz!
    "Hi guys! GTQ didn't post my latest quiz, First Kill: On the Run. please check it out! It's not a love story, but a thrilling adventure!"
  • Country Love Story
    "Hey guys! This is for updates and suggestions on my latest quiz series, Country Love Story. Sorry it's taking soooooo long, I'm currently wo..."
  • Anyone out there?
    "Part 4 is finally out! :D"
  • Anyone out there?
    "Sorry it has taken me 2 months to come back to the forums. Of course @Teresa22, although I think I've already taken some parts of your serie..."
  • Anyone out there?
    "The Mysteries of Magic is now up! I will only continue the quiz series if it gets good ratings and great comments! Please take it!"
  • Anyone out there?
    "Just finished the rough draft for The Mysteries of Magic! It looks like it is going to be a really cool series when it's finished! ..."
  • Anyone out there?
    "I'll be back on later tonight. maybe. Bye!"
  • Anyone out there?
    "Just finished my 4th quiz. Like I already said, I'm thinking of making it a series."
  • Anyone out there?
    "I actually like The Mysteries of Magic! Thank you so much for the idea!"
  • Anyone out there?
    "Does anyone have ideas for a new quiz? I'm thinking of starting a series, but I'm not sure. Magic and Mystery sounds like a good name for a ..."
  • Anyone out there?
    "cool. someone else is online :)"
  • Anyone out there?
    "hi there! lol can't think of anything to say. Suffering MAJOR writer's block. :("
  • i'm new here:)
    "Hi guys! I just joined today! Already have 1 quiz and I'm suffering from writers block on the other!"

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