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Have you ever had a boring life where you find yourself wishing for excitement? Be careful what you wish for, because 2 incredibly hot guys literally fall out of the sky and ask you to join them on their quest for intergalactic peace.

Descriptions: Kausta- black hair with piercing emerald green eyes. Doesn't talk much, kinda emo. Cuaroc- blond hair with stunningly blue eyes. Talks too much sometimes. Exact opposite of Kausta.

Created by: elf maiden
  1. You are on the roof of your family's country house gazing at the night sky. Suddenly you seen something in the sky. It looks like a shooting star. You decide it is and make a wish. "I wish something exciting would happen to me for once in my life." Then you notice something about the shooting star. It looks like its going to crash in your family's corn field!
  2. It does crash in the field and you decide to go check it out. After all, things like this don't happen often in the middle of nowhere. As you approach the star you discover that it is actually......
  3. An intergalactic vessel of some sort. (Which basically means its a UFO.) As you get near it opens and two incredibly hot guys step out! You just stand there, dumbfounded by what has just happened to you. "Run!" Your mind tells you, but your legs wouldn't move, all you could do was stand there looking very confused.
  4. One of the guys had black hair and emerald green eyes while the other had blond hair and blue eyes. "Is your name ______?" THe black haired guy asked. "Um, yeah" you responded. "Good moonbase, we have found the girl." he said.
  5. "My name is Cuaroc and this is Kausta." said the one with blond hair. Kausta just nodded in agreement and didn't say anything. "Are you guys from Outer Space or something?" you asked feeling kinda stupid. "Yes, is there a place where we can tell you something without any interference?" asked Kausta impatiently.
  6. "Sure, the empty grain silo should work." you said. "Great, can you take us there?" asked Cuaroc. "______, we believe you are also from outer space. The long gone planet of Plutaia. Your parents sent you to Earth just before Plutaia blew up, killing every last Plutaian except you." said Cuaroc. "Now the pyromaniac who blew up Plutaia wants you dead too. Plutaians have special power, like controlling the four elements." explained Kausta.
  7. "______, will you please join us at the moonbase?" asked Cuaroc. "Sure, if I have to." you replied. "Great, let's leave now." said Kausta
  8. Okay guy! I'm going to leave it there for now! Sorry it was so short. Will you please comment? Its the only way for me to make part two!
  9. Should I make part two?
  10. Bye!

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