Vampire Desire part 1 (love story)

Once again ive made an interesting lve story and this one, i promise, i wont cut it or cancel it like i did with the adrenaline sereis. so have fun okay, this is my seventh quiz $_$

Okay people, imoved to south africa, its sooo um... wiered, i mean sorry to all south africans out there but the cultures and languages like...zulu, who on earth call a language zulu and its so herd to remember to say rands intead of dollars. but it is an interesting country and i like it (sort-of)

Created by: XxLostEmoxX

  1. Okay do you know that adrenaline love story is over because I' just devolped a new love of vampires?
  2. Okay do you know that adrenaline love story is over because I' just devolped a new love of vampires?
  3. Okay do you know that adrenaline love story is over because I' just devolped a new love of vampires?
  4. Your name is quite a wired name, your name is 'jecrina wither' and you have blonde hair, blue eyes that go into different shade depending of what type of bad feeling you are feeling, you have are tall and could possibly be a model.
  5. *RING* goes the alarm at six-thirty on monday morning, it is your first day at Haven high school and you are freaking out. You wake up, take a shower and wear....
  6. What ever you choose, you go to school. You are lost and have no idea where to go then, you bump into a guy (black hair, sapphire blue eyes and is 5.6)
  7. "Watch it you b....." he says and stops in his tracks and smiles at you "Hey you, who are you again?" he says with a chuckle. "I'm Jecrina Wither and you are...?" you ask blushing, and your eyes turn a jade green color, the color of embrassment.
  8. "Its Tresten blues, and i could've sworn you eyes were blue a few minutes ago." he said squinting his eyes curiosly. "Umm...its nothing, just a thing i have, runs in the family, skipped 27 generations." you answer avoidingly trying to hide your secret.
  9. You walk into the school leaving a shocked tresten. 'I wonder why he's so shocked does he know my secret?' you think yo your self aloud. "what secret?" you hear a voice, it's male and sound like water against rock. "uhh...what do yo mean? you say panicking and stopping dead in your tracks. "i heard you say somebody would fing out your secret?" the voice says. You spin around to look at the owner of the voice and your heart skip nine beats (figure of speech). you see a boy with bleach blonde hair and grry eyes."
  10. " a secret right, if i tell you it wont be a secret anymore." you say hopefully. "okay then so is your name also a secret?", he asks flashing a heart sweeping smile, now you were glas you came to the school. "yes..., er...i mean no, its jecrina is your a secret? you say trying to play it cool. " Its Drake... um wanna ditch class with me ?" he asks with a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l smile. You guys walk to a garden, its beautiful, with all types of flowers, from daisies to sunflower, you name it. In the middle of the garden was a white bench. You guys walk towards it and sit down.
  11. You guys chat for a while,you learn he loves swimming and his favourite movie is spud and he likes zebras. when Drake learns that your eyes change color, he also gets shocked and claims ha has to leave. He leaves and you just sit there in the sun and your long blonde hair looks pretty cool in the sun. "Hey." you hear a voice and yo jump, only to find yourself weak in the knees....
  12. so who do you like so far?
  13. who do you like so far?
  14. one more time, who do you want to get?

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