Revenge- Part 1

Hello!! This part of the story-quiz might not make sense, but I promise that it will later with all the other parts. The main character's name is Dani.

She is pretty popular at her school, which is different from most schools. I promise there will be more romance in the story and it will get better!! Tell me what you think of this story-quiz!! Enjoy!

Created by: Miss Direction

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  1. Hi! This is my first story-quiz!! The main character's name is Dani and the story takes place in the "Supernatural World." So, she does have superpowers. I don't know if I will continue the story or not, so let me know!!
  2. *BEEP BEEP BEEP* goes your alarm. "YAY!! First day of school!!!" you say to yourself. Most people dread the first day of school, but not for people like Dani who goes to the one and only paranormal school. It is pretty fun even though school is like a mad house. We have the coolest teachers ever and everyone is always doing some kind of weird-cool thing. But I still don't have my powers yet, which doesn't make sense because everyone already has their powers.
  3. I pick out the perfect outfit and put a little make-up on. I head down stairs to find my unsupernatural mom and dad making breakfast for me and my step brother (he is also unsupernatural.) "I'm gonna be late!!" he told me. I grabbed a waffle that was on the kitchen table and followed my step brother out the door. I drove him in my bright red Mustang to his school, and then to my school. Me and my brother don't talk much, but I'm not complaining. I parked the car and looked in the mirror to find my blonde-brownish hair and blueish-green eyes staring back at me.
  4. I walked into school to find my friends already there and waiting for me. We talked for a while and then I asked, "Who is that new kid?" "I have no idea," my best friend Savannah says. "Who will be the one to go talk to him?" asks Hanna. "I think we all should," I reply to her. Everyone stars at me and say stuff like "Are you crazy?" "Not a good idea!" "No! Dani's right. We should all go talk to him." Savannah says. Me and Savannah starts walking toward him and the rest of the girls realize that they should go to, so they follow us.
  5. "Hi! I'm Savannah and this is Dani and that's Hanna...." Savannah says naming each one of us. "I'm Jake," he says. Jake has dark brown hair with deep sea blue eyes. "So your the new kid! You're gonna love it here," Savannah says. Jake just stars at us with a why-are-you-talking-to-me kind of look. Finally he said, "I have to go." "What the heck?!?! He just like...left!" I say. "Something is up with him...He's different from the rest." says Hanna. "I told you we shouldn't talk to him!!" says Britney. "Brit! Not the time!" says Savannah angrily. "We better go to class. Bell rings in 5 minutes," I say. We slowly walk to class, still shocked at Jake's reaction.
  6. The rest of the day when by pretty fast until lunch. We all sat at our usual table which just so happens to be two tables down from Jake! "Maybe he's like Hanna?" Skye pointed out. "Yeah, but even if he is like Hanna, then what do you think he saw that would make him run away?" I ask. "I don't know, may-" "No! That's impossible!! He was just like the rest!!" Hanna cuts Savannah off. "I mean, he was not like me! I didn't see that he had the same powers as I do," continues Hanna. "Should somebody go talk to him?" asks Kyla. We all star at him. "No. It's too dangerous." Paige declines Kyla's offer. "Oh come on Paige! What can he possibly do?! NOTHING!! Dani, Brit, Kyla, Hanna, lets go!" Savannah says. We start heading toward Jake's table, but he' gone! Not there! Disappeared!
  7. "What?!?! He was right there 10 seconds ago!!" I say. "That's so weird! He didn't have any type of power to disappear," Hanna says a bit confused. We go back to our table and start talking about where he could have gone, why, and how he could have left without us seeing him. "Maybe he has flying powers?!" suggests Lucy. "No no. That possibly be it. A) he didn't have those powers. And B) we would have heard him." Hanna says. "Something is up with him and we have got to find out what it is," I say definite. We all silently agree and eat the rest of our lunch. 5 minutes before lunch ends I say, "We better get going. The assembly starts in 5 minutes." "Yeah" "Yeah we should go." We all agree. "What is it even about?" I ask. "Don't know. Probably just to welcome us back to school," Savannah says.
  8. We all sat together in one of the back rows because even though school is awesome and full of exciting and fun things, this is not one of them. There was an announcement saying that the assembly will start late but we all have to stay in the gym (where the assembly is held.) I spotted Jake and told the rest, "Hey! Look! It's Jake! Over there! Lets go talk to him!!" We rush over to him, making sure he doesn't disappear again. "Who are you really?! What powers do you have?! Where are you from?! Are you like Hanna?! Clearly you are different from the rest of us, so in what way?! Are you mentally ill?!" Skye asks him questions really fast. "SKYE!!!" Savannah says. She adds quietly but we all heard her, "One question at a time." He laughs, "I am really Jake Kingston and I am not mentally ill." He is clearly trying to avoid the other questions. "Why are you avo-" Skye is cut of by another announcement saying that we should all return to our seats because the assembly will start in 2 minutes.
  9. "Damn it" Skye said aggravated that he didn't answer her other questions. We sat down in our seats and they assembly started off with our principle welcoming us back to school just like Savannah said before. She wasn't a great principle or a bad one...She was ok. About 15 minutes in though her boring and long speech, the lights went out, which is really weird because that never happens. People started screaming and I looked down the row to find Savannah, Brit, Kyla, Winter, Blue, and Lucy all gone. I look over to where Jake was sitting and he is gone too! I look to my other side and thankfully found the other girls by my side. "Savannah, Brit, Kyla, Winter, Blue, and Lucy are gone! And so is Jake. I think he had something to do with their disappearance. Lets get out of here!!" I say. We all start running toward the exit, panicked.
  10. That's all for today!!! Please comment and rate!! Tell me what you think!!! I promise that it will get better and you will understand it better later on. And their will be more romance!!! Thank you!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!! Bye!!

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