Love is kind...Revenge is Sweet(Part 2)

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Recap: By lunch you were totally ready to hack and jack Blue Eyes school files. You were also hungry. You got your lunch and headed to an empty table but got distracted by the commotion outside. As you walked out there you were shocked by what you saw. Blue Eyes was...

Created by: Yoshi101
  1. Blue Eyes was hovering about 5 feet above a picnic table with his eyes closed and his legs crossed Indian style. He was surrounded by a huge crowd consisting of amazed boys and squealing girls."Woah." "I know right?"A girl next to you says."Names Allaysha by the way. And no this doesn't usually happen. Your hairs pretty."
  2. You blink."Uh...Yeah. Thanks."You shake your head and try to smooth on some confidence to outdue the stuttering mistake."Names ____. So this doesn't happen often?" Allaysha shakes her head."Heck no. No one even knows his real name. We just call him Mystery behind his back. The teachers just say Mr.Blue. You know because his eyes are blue? Anyway he's freakin' hot so all the girls are screeching for him to take them up there with him like he's superman or something." Something about that last comment makes you bristle and you turn away until she says,"Not that I have any interest in him." Now why does that make you feel better? "Well, I need to talk to him so see you later Allaysha." Allaysha laughs."And how do you expect to get him down?" You shrug.
  3. ~now how am i going to get him down?Well maybe if I try Mr.Blue.~You climb on top fo the picnic table and stand right under him."Mr.Blue!"You yell."Hello, could come down here!"You wave your hands over your head and here som appreciative"mmm's"as your skirt inches up a little higher.Suddenly your mouth is not your own and you hear yourself whisper,"Your river feels me like an ocean."Blue eyes falls and you scream as you reliaze that you are right under him. Nothing can stop you as you are sent flying off the table to death by the ancient spear that stands upright by itself behind you.
  4. "Ahh!"Suddenly you are stopped in mid-air. You feet touch nothing and your face is inches from the spear. It's deathly silent. There's a hand on you your arm. It spins you around and your face is against a warm, comforting, strong chest."Are you alright?" A voice asks. "Yes." You're suddendly hyper -aware of where you are push away from Blue Eyes. "Good."He says stepping closer. "So, I wanted to as-" Your cut off as the bell rings. And he hops down and runs off."Crap!"
  5. You hurry to math and after introducing yourself to the class notice that Jakel is this period to. Mr.Spins starts firing questions at the class and you're surprised at how Jakel easily keeps up with you. Finally, he stutters on a question after you answer you smirk in his direction. A smile lights up his eyes and you look away shyly just as the bell rings.He waits for you in the hallway."Hey, Jakel. Nice work in cl--" "Stay away from Blue." He says and walks off.
  6. "Jakel, wait!"He stops. "What do you mean,stay away?" He starts walking again."He's not someone you'd wanna know, Lush." You hurry home puzzling over the new developments. Who's Lush? Why should you stay away from Blue Eyes? As soon as you get home you log on and hack into the school's student files. You type in a full descpriptionof Blue Eyes and wait. Nothing. But a video.
  7. Click."If your listening to this that means your in danger. You must learn quickly. Pay attention to everything you see and hear. There are people that can help you but it is to risky to name them. A girl for certain you should have met her by now. She shall tell you the rest. You search for someone that she can help you find. I must go."~Audio only.Weird~"Interesting."A voice rumbles in your ear.
  8. "Ahhh!!!!"He squeezes your shoulder lightly."Shh..."You close your mouth."Let go of me."He has you up in a flash and pressed against him."I don't think so,"he says bending over your neck. You feel his tongue slide over your skin and you melt into him."That's a good girl,____,"he whispers.
  9. You manage to break away and ask,"How do you know my name?"You step back and reach for something behind you that would work as a weapon."No. No. No. _____,you should know better."He grabs your hand and kisses it."I not only know you. But you know me." You try to snatch your hand away but he only pulls you closer. A tingling feeling starts to spread where your skin touches starting a chain reaction. "Let's just say I'm an old friend who'd like very much to be your friend again.________,would you let me do something?" He waits expectantly and I'm afraid to answer.
  10. "I don't even know your name."~Is that all I'm worried about!~"Danny, _____. Now, may I?" *Glare*"Like you couldn't if you wanted to." Danny chuckles."True.But it'd be nice to have permission from you." *sigh*"Go ahead." Then his lips claimed yours and you couldn't tell left from right. Which way was up or which way was down. It was quick a peck on the lips. Two seconds. Maybe five."Goodbye, darlin" There's a knock on the door.
  11. I tear away from his eyes for a moment. The next he's gone. I don't even look around. I know because I am warm again. I force myself to answer the door. To make those few steps across the floor. I open the door. See his eyes. And fall.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!
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