How well do you know Korean dramas?

Korean dramas are in a class of their own. They celebrate love in its purest form, the kind of love that transcends physicality and logic, the kind of love years, distance, feuds, and common sense cannot do away with. Are you a true fan? How well do you know Korean dramas?

Piggyback rides. Soju. Awkwardly sweet kisses. Quirky characters. Karaoke. Food as symbols of love. Adorable bouts of jealousy. These are some of the selling points of Korean dramas. What else have you noticed about them?

Created by: C. Lange
  1. In My Name is Kim Sam Soon, what country did Sam Soon study in to become a patissier?
  2. What drama has the following characters: President Byun and Chae Rin noona?
  3. Which of these dramas DOES NOT feature a heroine cross-dressing as a boy?
  4. What do the following dramas have in common: Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal, and Coffee House?
  5. Go Mi Nam, Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo, Jeremy - these characters are known collectively as what?
  6. The heroine and her siblings were all named after colors in this drama. Which drama is it?
  7. In Boys over Flowers, what art form was So Yi Jeong skilled in?
  8. Where did the hero and heroine of Que Sera, Sera share their first kiss?
  9. What was the signature dish of the head chef hero in Pasta?
  10. What do the heroine of Wish Upon a Star, Jin Pal Gang, and the mother of the heroine, Shin Chae Kyung, of Princess Hours have in common?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Korean dramas?