Do you deserve being called a kowledgeable beer drinker in Korea

Almost everybody drinks beer once a week, but most people have no idea about styles, flavors, aromas and tastes of the beers they are drinking. If you have some knowledge you should inmediatelly know if a beer is good or bad with the first look, smell or sip.

Korean beers and their peculiar characteristics represent also and image of Korean culture. If you have been living enough time in Korea to learn the culture and have had many different beers you might get a high score and become a KOREAN BEER MASTER.

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  1. How many 500 cc beers do you drink a week?
  2. I like Korean beers because
  3. I do not like Korean beers because
  4. My favorite Korean beer is
  5. Korean native brewers training in brewpubs before their first brew is
  6. Korean beer is world famous for
  7. Korean beer is mainly made of
  8. Beer style with highest hop rates
  9. How do you taste properly 6 different types of beers
  10. CASS is the most sold bottled beer because
  11. Live Beer (Saeng Meg Ju) in Korea is

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve being called a kowledgeable beer drinker in Korea