True love never fails part 2

This is part 1 of my first series True love never fails. Yeah I know the title is a bit cheesy but it was all i could think of. So anyway, this is basically one of those quizzes with a bunch of cute guys with powers and all that. please comment and/or rate. You also probably want to know what the guys look like so......

Drake has messy(but cute) medium-long hair and has fragile green eyes kinda like glass. Like his eyes, his feelings are kind of fragile too(he has a difficult past) he is kind of sensitive but can also be protective and caring. Forrest is kind of like your typical popular skater boy although he is down-to-earth and nice. He has glossy caramel colored hair, and warm brown eyes. He can be daring but also has a softer side to him. Josh has golden flippy hair with dreamy blue eyes. He is funny, sweet& easy to talk to, but he has a quiet mysterious side and has a secret to why he stopped loving... Chase has black flippy hair, exotic purple eyes, and has a gentle, loving nature.he is a great listener and is a very thoughtful

Created by: Anni McDermott

  1. You dream that you are in a dark forest. In the distance, you hear wolves and other predators snarling. Panicking, you run towards a faint light in front of you. But before you could even move, a creepy hooded figure stepped in your path. You tried to run in the other direction but you are paralyzed from head to toe. You could do nothing but watch helplessly as the figure slithers towars you. With a jolt, you realized it was a woman. You brace yourself for the worst. The woman threw off her cloak. She was beautiful in a horrifying way. She had pale skin, Dark red lips and piercing black eyes. What are you thinking?
  2. You have no idea who this woman is, but you are almost positive you are about to die. You find that you are able to move again so you run like you never have before. SLAM!!! You jolt awake realizing it is a dream and you find yourself in an unfamiliar room....that, and you ran into a wall in your sleep and you feel a big bruise welling up on your forehead.
  3. "Ow" You say. Suddenly the door on your right opens and four guys come in. You notice that one of them is Drake. "Are you ok" A guy with brown, glossy hair asks you. Your insides melt as you gaze into his warm eyes." Im Forrest, This is Josh, Chase, and you have already met Drake." He says, pointing to a guy with golden hair and crystal blue eyes, and a guy with black hair and purple eyes.The guy named Josh glances at you and mutters "Hey". You turn your gaze to Chase. He blushes and looks at his shoes. "Well, why dont you get dressed and meet us in the kitchen ,k?" Forrest said, breaking the tension.
  4. Yeah sure, you say angrily.Let me just get dressed and meet you downstairs and forget that you guys totally KIDNAPPED me!!!Chase suddenly looks up and says "We're really sorry _____ we really are, but just give us a chance to explain alright?" And with that, he and the guys left the room. "Ugghhh, no way am I staying here." You look at the window and get an idea. You rush to the window. It leads to a small balcony that overlooked a beautiful mountain view. "Omg, wtf am I doing in a house on the MOUNTAINS?!" Abandoning your plan for your escape, you walk slowly tho the closet and pick out an outfit. What do you wear?
  5. Ok, so wearing the outfit you picked you make your way through the hall leading to the spiral staircase. The place was magnificent. Everything was made from marble. The carpeting was a rich, red color and priceless paintings, pottery, and statues decorated the place. The ceiling was about 30 feet from the ground with a sparkling crystal chandelier. The place was so amazing, it took your breath away. Finding your way into the kitchen (which was also very fancy) You saw the guys sitting around a giant round table piled high with any breakfast food you can imagine. Speechlessly you take a seat.
  6. "So _____ What do you think?" Drake asked winking. "R u kidding me?? This place is awesome! Who does it belong to?" You exclaim. Josh grinned " It belongs to my family.... I inherited it when my parents died" He finished flatly. Oh, touchy subject you thought as the guys started looking at each other wordlessly.Finally Forrest cleared his throat "So... uh, we will explain to you over breakfast, if you don't mind. Cuz I am STARVING and I didn't get--""OK, FORREST WE GET IT" All the other guys chimed in. Forrest blushed and went back to his pancakes. You pick your fav breakfast and tuck in. What do you get?
  7. "You guys gonna tell me or what?" You ask". Drake put down his fork" Well, see here... we 'brought' you over here cuz we seriously need you to help us fight this evil woman named Brianna. You could say she is a witch with power over all four elements." "We have powers too." Chase added."I can perform telekinesis,can merge with anything as long as it is nature, and can make the powers of others weaker. Drake can control earth,has empathy, and has a sixth sense. Forrest has power over Air, can heal, and can create illusions. Josh can control fire, has invisibility, and can mimic other people's powers. We all can orb, and we believe you can do all of these, along with the power of water, and time travel. According to drake's sixth sense, a girl named____ is supposed to help us defeat Brianna." What are you thinking?
  8. Stunned, you drop your fork " whoa, guys, I think you got the wrong ___... I cant do all that!" Drake stares intensely into your eyes" ____ we don't have the wrong____ it really is supposed to be you. I'm sorry, but it is true. Are you with us?" You just stare at them"Alright...but can I call my dad?" Josh looks at you sympathetically "Here, you can borrow my cell phone. You are probably tired of hearing this, look just like your mom." Hearing this, you tear up a little inside. See, ur mom died when you were nine, but your dad always talked about her, and you had a special picture of her and you together just a day before her death."You knew my mom?" You finally croaked out. Josh nodded, looking solemn " Our moms were great friends... before they both died...Brianna killed them both because,____ your mom was just as powerful as you" Now all the guys were looking at you with pity." Umm, im gonna call my dad now" You say while fighting back tears.
  9. Sobbing, you race to your room and go to your balcony for some fresh air. You dial your house number but there is no answer. Instead you leave a message for your dad saying:"Hey dad, somethings come up and.. I have to be away for a while and--" Choking on your tears, you cant say more. You leave a message and hope your dad understands.
  10. A moment later Drake knocks on your door"Hey____ will you let me in?" "Sure"... You stay silent as he stares at you with his amazing eyes. At the same time, you two step closer to each other untill you could count every freckle on his nose. Then slowly, he leans into you and kisses you gently on the lips...
  11. Part 3?
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