True love never fails

This is part 1 of my first series True love never fails. Yeah I know the title is a bit cheesy but it was all i could think of. So anyway, this is basically one of those quizzes with a bunch of cute guys with powers and all that. please comment and/or rate. You also probably want to know what the guys look like so......

Drake has messy(but cute) medium-long hair and has fragile green eyes kinda like glass. Like his eyes, his feelings are kind of fragile too(he has a difficult past) he is kind of sensitive but can also be protective and caring. Forrest is kind of like your typical popular skater boy although he is down-to-earth and nice. He has glossy caramel colored hair, and warm brown eyes. He can be daring but also has a softer side to him. Josh has golden flippy hair with dreamy blue eyes. He is funny, sweet& easy to talk to, but he has a quiet mysterious side and has a secret to why he stopped loving... Chase has black flippy hair, exotic purple eyes, and has a gentle, loving nature.he is a great listener and is a very thoughtf

Created by: gocatgoyo24

  1. So ur chillin at some skate park with ur best friend______. The place is packed with guys and girls from ages 11-20
  2. You immediately notice this group of guys who seem to kind of stand out.(well, to u at least). So you catch the eyes of one of the boys in the group. He had messy medium-long dark brown hair and had fragile light green eyes like glass. U r thinking...
  3. You guys stare at each other for a sec, but some really huge dude steps in front of ou and you cant see him or his friends anymore. But when the dude finally moves, like 2 secs later, the guys were gone.
  4. Later that nigt, you cant sleep so you decide to walk to the pond behind your house. What do yo wear?
  5. You sit on a bench and pull out your ipod. Scrolling down your playlist, what song do yo choose?
  6. As you start jamming to ur song, u fail to notice a dark figure slowly tread up to where you are sitting.
  7. The dark figure sits next to you on the bench. As he moves into the light, you realize he is the same guy you saw at the skate park.He grins at you, revealing perfect teeth. "Hey" he says
  8. "Uhh, hi?" You decide to say. "Didnt I see u at the skate park earlier today?" u ask "uh yeah, my name is Drake" he replied. "Mine is____So, who were those guys you were with" You comment casually, trying not to sound too desperate.Drake frowns at you:"You saw them?!" He asked incredulously " So you really are the one....".
  9. "Say what???!" You exclaimed "nothin, just look over there" Drake replies pointing behind you. as yo turn your head, a bright green light flashed in front of you. What are you thinking?
  10. aaand, CLIFFHANGER!!
  11. Part 2?
  12. Rate and/or comment

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