Are You A True Plies Fan Like Me?

Im trying to see is some people is a true fan of PLIES like me I love him and my myspace page proves it I have a whole bio on there about him. people say they love Plies but dont know anything bout him. I have all his songs posters and I have been to all his concerts that shows alone that I have alot of love for him.

So prove me wrong do you know PLIES better than me? Are you a true fan of PLIES? Well prove it by taking this quiz. He will see all the results when you are finished and he can see how many people has taken the test. Give him your support make him feel special like I have.

Created by: Boss Dyva
  1. How old is Plies?
  2. Whats Plies real name?
  3. When is Plies birthday?
  4. Where is Plies from?
  5. What was Plies first album called?
  6. What college did Plies attend?
  7. When was The Real Testament album released?
  8. Where did the women go to audition for Plies reality show?
  9. Who was charged for attempted murder?
  10. What Plies statement was when he was being interviewed?
  11. What have become the underground favorite?
  12. What song place Plies back at the top of the pop chart?
  13. What is sure to set another street album?
  14. What was a Mannie Fresh-produced track?
  15. What did The Defintion Of Real Support?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Plies Fan Like Me?