Just Some Love Story *Part 2*

Hey sorry part two took so long i got the stomach flu or whatever its called then my computer broke bt atleast part two is out now so be happy that i made it

Who do you like so far? Do have any suggestions? Will you leave a comment?? Just tell me how I'm doing because this is my first quiz series yes im a newbie cut me some slack

Created by: Pocahontas_48
  1. recap : lunch is over and your heading to your next class ps sorry the second one took so long i got stomach flu lots a puke and good stuff now i feel better lets get is started!!!
  2. at lunch you didnt eat so wen you left the cafeteria and your next class is 6th L.A. with matt you get to 6th bt your teacher is absent today and everyone is happy because your 6th hour teacher is a b**** so the next door teacher come and splits up your class to different teachers she says "_______,matt,lizy and nik go to Ms. Wilson's" ironically lizy and nik are absent so you as you and matt walk to ms. wilson's class matt says "______ wanna skipp 6th?" you think for sec nd say ...
  3. *say you pikked #1* you guys run to the play ground which is usually empty durin 6th you hop on the swing and matt sits on the one next to you he says "can you keep a secret" you say "yessire" he smiles, gets up and holds your face between his hands looks in your eyes and kisses you on the lips your surprised at how soft his lips are and then you two stay like tht for a minute then he pulls away nd says "like my secret?" you stare at him in shock and he jus laughs jus then the bell rings he kisses your forehead nd says "see ya later"
  4. the rst of the day you think about your kiss with matt since your house is a couple blocks away you walk home you stand outside the school for little waitin for gabriel because ou both live in the same direction you see gabriel walk out the gate with jake,gariel gave you a bear hug nd everyone stared jake laughed and then once gabriel let go jake secretly kissed your forehead and hugged you smiled and as you three walked home you didnt see both gabe and jake slip something in your pocket because you were to busy laughin about there justin beiber jokes (sry if you like him bt he is an embarssement i hate him) n e way they both do the same thing wen they saw you at skool bear hug and forehead kiss bt you kiss them both on the cheeck they blush and walk away you laugh and walk inside there u find youre 16 year old brother with youre coke and stash of chocolate he hands it to you and you two rush to the couch watchin spongebob you feel around your hoodie pocket and take out a paper from both sides you look at both and there are phone numbers on each of them do you text the numbers?
  5. n e way you txt the # tht was in your left pocket first you txt "hello whos this" then they say "um its jake iguess" you laugh nd say bak "o hey its _______:)" "hey ______XD" "uh jake do u knoe how yhur # got n mi poket??" you say "??? mi # got in yhur pokett???" "yah i jus dugg through mi poket nd pulled it out" "hmm strange =^^=" jake said "aww yhur so evil jake ya knoe tht???" "yeap hey tomorrow can you meet mi in the skewl lib in the mornin??" jake asks "sure later gator" you say "hahaa laterzz" you save the number to your phone and begin to text the next number...
  6. you start off texting the number with "hello??" then the number texts bakk sayin "is this _____ cause jake jus text mi sayin you jus text him" you laugh and then say "hahaa yea this is ______ so watcha doin" "nuthin jus headed to the park think you can meet me there??" he asks without thinkin you reply "ok sure ill be there in 20 min. ill be by the swings" "ok" he says you tell your brother that your going to meet a frien at the park and to tell your mom that too.Do you think anything bad will happen??
  7. you leave your house and the park is only 10 mintues from your house you walk fast and make it there in 7 min you walk over to the swings and take out your iPod and listen to
  8. after 5 minutes you see Gabriel in the distance heading towards you with a smile on his face (not a devious one a cute one) "sorry to keep you waiting he says" "its ok it was only 5 minutes" you say with a laugh "im sorry bout this ________" he takes a sip from the water bottle in his hands kisses you and makes you drink the liquid while kissing you you drink the liquid and feel dizzy Gabriel is still kissing you and your last thought is.....
  9. then you....CLIFFHANGER!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! so sorry dnt worry you wake up in the next one in the mean time watt did you think about matt's and gabriel's kiss??
  10. Should i make part 3???????
  11. Will you leave a comment or rate???

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