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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my newest series UnNoticed! In case you haven't read my last series, Scary Love, you're going to learn that I have a very twisted sense of humor. So don't be scared off. :)

To all my previous readers: I told you it was coming didn't I?? I wrote this about 2 to 3 years ago when I was going through a really rough time in my life. Some of the characters, well..most, of the characters are actual people and a few events here and there in my story actually happened! I hope you love my story! Enjoy! XOXO-Angel

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
  1. BY THE WAY! Your name is Erica, and you lead a very complicated life. K?
  2. . "Erica, hurry up! We're going to be late," Kenna yelled from downstairs. "Hold on a sec," I yelled back, putting the finishing touches on my eyeliner. Let me explain a bit.. I'm Erica Carmical. I'm 16 and got to Hillview High School in South Amboy, New Jersey. My group of friends and I are known as the freaks of the century. Any other school would call us Goths, or even emo kids, but not at Hillview. Most of my group is gothic, but a couple of us are emo. But whatever.
  3. As my best friend Kenna Belle pulled into our friend Danni Poseidon's driveway, I opened my daily can of Monster with my newly painted black nails. Kenna honked the horn of her 1980's model Chevrolet Camero, and Danni finally came out. "Good lord Kenna." Danni exclaimed. "I was putting my guyliner on chick." Kenna rolled her eyes. "Just get in the car will ya? I've gotta stop by the store and get more notebook paper." "Girl, how much paper do you need?" Danni asked looking at his reflection in the side mirrors. "I got through a lot okay? Gawsh."
  4. . I grew wary of the conversation and turned on my iPod on and switched from Marilyn Manson to Evanescence. I only had one ear bud in so I could hear the conversation if I needed to. Once we finally got to school, I noticed there was a different car in the lot that I've never seen before. I faintly heard the sound of music coming from the tinted windows of the Sedan. It was a guy who was in the car, I could tell that much.
  5. Danni, Kenna and I got out of the car and waited for the rest of our crew to show up. Ashley Gonzales, Bonnie Elyssa, Schelby Corley, Anthony Heath, Jason Rodriguez, Trevor Grayland, and Laura Benzeal mad up our crew, not including Danni, Kenna and myself. Ashley, Anthony, and Trevor showed up about two minutes afterwards, and they too noticed the new car. The rest of our friends showed up and all got in a very important chat about shoes when the mysterious Sedan boy came out of his hiding place.
  6. He slowly walked to the back of his car and opened the trunk he popped seconds before and took his backpack out. He started playing with his cell phone while leaning on his car. He had bronze colored hair that kinda looked like he just got outta bed, but it looked sexy for some reason. His black jeans and combat boots looked pretty good on him. He wore a dark navy long-sleeved shirt to top it all off. "Oh my good giddy Bob!" was all I heard when the voices of my friends disappeared. I recognized the voice of Danni almost instantly.
  7. . The Sedan guy looked up from his phone for a split second to glance our way. We all automatically looked every which way but his direction. I stole my brief looks after that, and he went back to his phone.
  8. The bell rang and the "Freaks" parted our ways to get to first period. I have 1st with Jason, Laura and Bonnie, so I usually feel tranquil, today is the only exception. At the beginning of class, Mr. Giano announced we had a new student in our class. Laura nudged me with her elbow and I had to stifle a giggle. "Class, this is Alec Toretto. He came all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico, so lets give Alec a warm welcome," Mr. Giano said. I was pretty much happy until I realized the only empty seat in the whole class was right beside me. Great. Perfect. Mr. Giano showed Alec his seat while he was looking for another history book.
  9. Later that day, I learned I had 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th period with him. The whole time, all those periods I grew redder and redder everytime he said hi or hello, to me. After 5th period was lunch so Danni unfortunately dragged me over to his seat and demanded that I tell him everything I know. "What now? Is he like your stalkee or something?" I asked Danni when we were out of the lunch line. "Erica, you know me a hell of a lot better than that. Besides, I already called him," he told me, sticking a forkful of salad in his mouth.
  10. "Mhm, sure, I said skeptically. "Is that why everytime I turn around the dude keeps looking at me?" Danni's eyes narrowed at me, and Jason, who had walked up seconds before, laughed. "Its not like we really know if Mr. Big Shot even really likes Erica," Jason said. "Danni, you can't have every guy you see," Schelby explained as she sat on Trevor's lap. Trevor was currently dating Schelby at the time. Trevor was too worried about eating his Chinese takeout to listen to the conversation.
  11. I smiled. "He is kinda cute though." While everyone was taking this thought in, the man of the hour just walked right up to the table. "Can I sit here?" he asked. I was jerked out of fantasy island and thrown into reality. Alec was looking straight at me when I came back to life. "Um, sure." I said, clearing the table of my books. I looked over at Danni when Alec was sitting down; his mouth was gaping open.
  12. TEEHEE! Tell me what you think of my new series!

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