Your Division Psychic Abilities

There are very special people in this world. We don't ask to be special. We're just born with it. We pass you everyday on the streets, unnoticed by most.

Do you have an ability? And if so, do you fit in Division? Take this quiz to find out your answers, and share it with your friends; have them take it! You might have more in common than you think!

Created by: Eiri of The Division
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  1. Have you ever thought "Boy, it's hot in here" and the wind suddenly blew?
  2. Have you ever burned or shocked somebody just by touching them?
  3. Do your screams hurt everybody's ears but yours?
  4. How often do you experience deja vu?
  5. Are you a good liar?
  6. How often have people believed your lies, even if you wouldn't if you were them?
  7. Have you ever gone to sleep on your bed, then woken up on the living room couch or standing in another room?
  8. Do you have anger issues? If yes, do they get you into trouble often?
  9. Have you ever guessed a person's past?
  10. Have you ever lifted a very heavy object that nobody else could?
  11. Have you ever generated a fire with just your hands or by just staring?
  12. Has anybody ever walked into you, then wonder what the hell they just walked into to?
  13. Have you ever knocked anybody out by just staring into their eyes?
  14. How often do you black out?
  15. Have you ever changed a piece of paper into something else?
  16. Have you ever swapped two peoples' positions?

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