the psychic quiz

there arent many people in the world who have the great ability of being psychic. but you could be one of them!soe people think that being psychic is impossible, but you can prove them wrong!

are you psychic! do you have enough mind control to predict the future or many other amazing talents? if you were wondering that lately, youll find out in just minutes!

Created by: molly
  1. do you ever say something before someone else says it
  2. do you get a certain feeling when you walk into a room
  3. can you predict the future ALOT!
  4. do your dreams ever actually happen
  5. can you speak hear etc. the dead
  6. what color am i thinking of
  7. can you tell when someone you love has been hurt and feel the pain, even though you are not with them
  8. can you see peoples auras
  9. things turn on when your around them like electrical appliances
  10. you can predict the numbers or answers to questions
  11. do you think you are psychic

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