Are you psychic?

Are you a psychic? Do you have the mysterious ability to know the unknowable? See how well you do trying to answer the following questions to judge how much psychic ability you posses!

We know these questions might seem a bit difficult, but just give it your best shot and go with your gut instinct. There just might be some psychic ability in you too!

Created by: LilBit224

  1. What color is this ripe banana Im holding?
  2. What gender is this rooster I own?
  3. How many fingers am I holding up?
  4. Where do I live?
  5. How many brothers does my only nephew have?
  6. What color is the pink lemonade I have here?
  7. Without looking it up, what gender is the queen of England?
  8. Again, without looking it up, what color was George Washingtons white horse?
  9. How likely is it that the sun will rise towmorrow?
  10. If it is raining outside, what direction is the North Star?

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Quiz topic: Am I psychic?