Do you have a psychic ability?

Did you know that many people on our Earth have special powers, feelings, uses that can help us with things, prevent things from happening, warn us about things and just be annoying.

Take this quiz and find out which ability you are most likely to have. When you get your result, make sure you read the description to be sure you understand it fully, and then get to work on practiciing this skill. If you do not begin to feel it then you jus do not have one, but there is a possibility you do. For example i know i have some. I can predict the futre, i know when something bad is going to happen and i know what it is. So that is quite impressive and has been useful to me. So PLEASE TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Kelly
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  1. Do you often experience Deja Vu?
  2. Have you ever randomly guessed the answer to a question and got it correct?
  3. Do you often get a bad feeling about somthing and it actually turns out bad?
  4. Do you notice tiny little details?
  5. Do you find that you know a lot of weird things?
  6. What are your dreams normally about?
  7. Do you hallucinate alot?
  8. Do you ever hear you name in the wind, or see it spelt out in trees and things like that?
  9. Do you think that someone has tried to get in touch with you, that is deceased?
  10. What is your opinion towards this supernatural stuff?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a psychic ability?