How PSYCHIC are you really??

There are many people out there who believe they have an ability to "see". Many make claims that are later found to be untrue. If you think you have an ability, here is way for you to test that theory. I don't claim to be the all-knowing one. But, I do know quite a bit on the subject. I have a gift and I love to use it to help others.

Here is an opportunity for you to test your own ability. Take my 25 question quiz and see where you rank on the percentage scale!! I would say GOOD LUCK.... but that truly has nothing to do with it!!

Created by: Keri
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  1. I know when a traffic light is going to turn yellow.
  2. When someone I love gets hurts, I feel it.
  3. I can feel when someone is staring at me.
  4. I want to know when I am going to die.
  5. I finish other peoples sentences.
  6. I get dejavu ALOT!!
  7. I am awesome at Black Jack!!
  8. Sometimes I just walk past someone and a thought about their life pops into my head.
  9. Purple is my favorite color!!
  10. I believe in ghosts.
  11. I believe in ghosts and have seen, heard and or talked to them!!
  12. I know I have a Guardian Angel!!
  13. I can predict lottery numbers!!
  14. Sometimes I know whats going to happen SECONDS before it does!!
  15. I say "I told you so" ALOT!!!!
  16. I am VERY artistic and or musical!!
  17. I practice (or want to) WICCA.
  18. By touching someone, I get a good sense of who they are.
  19. I can see peoples AURAS!!
  20. People always ask me for advice!!
  21. I have knowledge that I dont know where it comes from.
  22. I sometimes feel anxious and don't know why!!
  23. What is my favorite number?

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Quiz topic: How PSYCHIC am I really??