Ae you psychic?

Even though many people don`t believe in psychics, they do exist. Many are good and even you may have a little. So when some one asks you, tell them psychics are always among you. But try not to sound like a fool.

Have you ever wanted to know if your truly psychic? well, you just might be. Take this quiz and you will truly find out on this quiz made by a true psychic himself. Hope you enjoy. And p.s. you just have to meditate to become one yourself.

Created by: Tommy
  1. Have you ever predicted a death?
  2. Can you navigate in a new place with your eyes shut?
  3. Can you see dead people?
  4. Have you said something was going 2 happen right b4 it happened?
  5. Can you read minds?
  6. Do you believe all psychics have the same ablity?
  7. Can you control electronic devices with your mind?
  8. What is the next question?
  9. Why do you keep saying psychics don`t exist?
  10. Have u taken this quiz b4?
  11. Do you believe i can make my soul leave my body and I`m in a category soulists?

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