Love in Los Angeles: Part 1. (Read the memo)

HEY! Before you take this, I suggest you go take my first series "LA Summer Love Story". This series is a spin-off of that series. The same characters and everything.

You don't HAVE to take the other series first, it's just reccommended. But I totally understand if you don't want to, and I will try to catch you up throughout this story! Thanks so much! Enjoy, leave comments!

Created by: AddiBabyy

  1. "_____, I really can't believe you're doing this," your mom says as you finish packing your bags. She's referring to the fact that you're going to spend the second semester of the school year at your Aunt Lisa's house in Los Angeles, California. "I know you like it there," she says, "but you really couldn't just wait until summer break? It would make things a lot easier." "Mom," you say, "I don't like it here. I don't even really care about my friends here. The friends I made last summer in LA are the best, truest friends I could ever have. And I at least want to see what it's like going to school with them."
  2. Your mom gives up on arguing for you to stay. She leaves your room and lets you finish packing. When you're done, your "friends" come over to say goodbye to you. "I can't believe you're moving to LA," your friend Katie says. You laugh and say "It's just for a semester, no big deal." "But like, you'll probably stay all summer too. Since you had sooo much fun last summer," she says in kind of a rude sarcastic tone. This is why you don't like your "friends" here. They just don't compare to your California friends.
  3. The next day, you fly out to LA. During the flight, you're so excited you can barely contain yourself. "Hey baby girl!" Aunt Lisa says when your flight lands and you get to baggage claim. "Aunt Lisa!!" you shout excitedly. You two share a big hug. After catching up for a minute, she says "So have you told any of the neighborhood kids up here that you're moving down for a semester?" "Nope," you say, "Lately when they've texted, called, or Skyped me, I've just acted like everything was normal." "Wow," Aunt Lisa says, "I bet you're really excited!"
  4. That night at Aunt Lisa's house, you just settle in. You're not gonna go to any of your friend's houses or anything; you're just gonna wait and surprise them at school. The school they go to isn't very big, so you'll definitely see them. Right as you and Aunt Lisa are getting ready to have dinner, the doorbell rings. "Will you get that?" Aunt Lisa asks you. Her hands are full since she's setting the table. "Sure!" you say, as you walk over to the door. You open the door and... JOSH! "_____?!" he says in an extremely surprised tone, "What are you doing here?!" He picks you up and spins you around in an adorable hug. "Come in and I'll explain," you say.
  5. Now for those of you who haven't taken my previous series, or just for those of you who need your memory refreshed, let me remind you. Josh is a tall guy with flippy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and an AMAZING smile. He's one of the nicest guys you've ever met in your life.
  6. You and Josh sit down in the living room and you explain to him, "I came out here for second semester, to surprise you guys! I miss you all so much and I just didn't want to wait until summer." Josh smiles really big and says, "So you're going to school with us? We get to see you every day?!" He's so excited!
  7. Josh hands some freshly picked vegetables to Aunt Lisa (his original reason for coming over), gives you a big hug, and tells you he'll see you at school tomorrow. You have dinner with Aunt Lisa, and then relax until you're ready for bed.
  8. The next morning, you walk into your first period class, nervous as can be. Or at least you're nervous until you see a familiar face light up across the room. "_________!" Jimmy shouts out across the classroom. "Hi, you must be the new student!" the teacher says. "Yes ma'am, I'm _______," you say. "And you know Jimmy?" she asks. "Yep," you explain, "he's an old friend!" You walk over and take a seat next to Jimmy. "Okay what in the world are you doing here?!?!" he says super excited. "Well, remember when you said I should move here and go to school with you guys? I'm a semester late on your idea, but I did it!" He looks like he's so happy he could cry. He leans in and gives you a giant hug.
  9. Now, let me remind you who Jimmy is. He's an adorable shy guy with flippy brown hair and blue eyes. He's really into video games (currently wearing a Kingdom Hearts shirt), and also loves music and soccer. He's kind of an adorable dork, I guess you could say.
  10. On your way to your next class, you spot a large group of football players and cheerleaders. You try to avoid them, feeling kind of intimidated since they're the stereotypical "popular crowd". "HEY!" one of them yells out to you. It's a familiar voice... "Adam?" you turn around and say. Adam runs up to you from the group and gives you a giant hug. "I've missed you SO much, ______. Like more than you can imagine... do you go here now?!" "Yep," you say, "it's my first day." He looks into your eyes and smiles a beautiful, sweet smile. Let me remind you; Adam is the popular football player you made friends with last summer. He's got short brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer smile. He's very muscular and athletic, and very sweet.
  11. His two football friends that you met last summer, Todd and Carter, each walk up and hug you. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders are all eyeing you with anger and jealousy...
  12. "I'll save you a seat at lunch, _____!" Adam says, and starts to walk off to class. "Hey Adam, wait!" you say. He turns back around to look at you. "Last summer... you became pretty good friends with some people who aren't necessarily football players or cheerleaders... do you still ever talk to Jayson, Josh, Tyler, or Jimmy?" Adam looks away, kind of guilty... "I talk to Josh in English class..." he says. "Well, I want to bring our group back together," you say, "I didn't come here to watch you guys in your own separate little cliques. I came to hang out with all of you." Adam smiles, "Honestly, I'd love that," he says. He smiles at you again, and walks away.
  13. There's about three minutes until your next class starts, so you kind of take your time walking. But as you're walking, you spot a familiar face in the principal's office. JAYSON! you scream inside your mind. "What has he gotten himself into now?" you think to yourself, remembering Jayson's troublesome ways. You take a chance, and stand outside the principal's office for a minute or so.
  14. Then, just in time, Jayson walks out. As your eyes meet, his jaw drops. "____?!" he says. He runs up and hugs you as fast as he can. "You've got some serious explaining to do! You didn't tell me you were coming!!!" he says. You say, "Um, I think YOU have some explaining to do. Why were you in the principal's office?" "Long story short, I ditched all last week and they're pissed at me for it." He hugs you again. Jayson is the skater-looking type. Skinny jeans, band tees, vans, long flippy brown hair. Whether or not you like that type of guy, he IS adorable.
  15. You explain to him your decision to come go to school with him and the guys, and then you two realize you're on your way to the same class! When you walk in, the teacher says "Jayson, why are you late? And who is this?" "Sorry, I have a note from the principal. And this is ______. She's new!" he says.
  16. You two take your seats next to each other, and you scan the room with your eyes. Then your eyes meet with someone. TYLER. His jaw is dropped, just like Jayson's was when he saw you. Tyler then starts shaking his head in disbelief. "It's really me, Ty." you whisper to him across the room. Tyler, I'll remind you, is a theater kid. Tall with brown hair, brown eyes, and a sweet smile.
  17. The girl sitting next to Tyler turns around and looks at you. You then notice, they're holding hands...
  18. Jayson notices you staring at them and whispers "Yep, Tyler's got a woman now. Hope you don't like him anymore," he winks.
  19. When class ends, Tyler says to his girlfriend, "I'll catch up with you later." Then he walks over to you. "You go here now?" he asks. "Yep!" you say. "I... have a girlfriend now. I'm sorry. I didn't think I was gonna see you again until next summer."
  20. Then it's lunch time! "______!" Adam yells from across the cafeteria. You walk over to him, sack lunch in hand, and sit down next to him in the seat he saved for you. "I can't believe you're here," he says, smiling and looking into your eyes. Your faces get really close and you feel like you're about to kiss when a girl at the table says, "So who are you?" "This is _____," Adam says, "Be nice to her. She's like my best friend in the world. You know Miss Lisa? That's her aunt." "Looks like you two are more than friends," says another girl at the table. Some of the table laughs, but a couple girls look extremely jealous and angry... Adam just giggles adorably and looks at you, smiling.
  21. After school, you walk home with Josh. You hadn't seen him since last night! "It sucks that we don't have any classes together," he says, frowning. "Yeah, it does," you say, "So Tyler has a girlfriend apparently... you don't have one, do you?" "Nope," Josh says, "I've been single all school year."
  22. Anyways, stay tuned for part 2! Who are you liking so far?

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