Alli's story!!!

ok this is my first quiz ever!!! Its about a girl whose name is alli, she's 16 and lives with her aunt in arizona, she attends rosewood high school, she's quite extraoridinary she has powers which she doesn't know about yet, but she soon find out

you get to met two guys in the first part, which is this, please tell me what you think in the comments!!!! Enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!thanks guys love you!!!!!!

Created by: Vampireloverreal
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  1. MY NAME IS ALLI ADDEY, WHEN I WAS YOUNG I WAS A VERY NORMAL KID, BUT ONE DAY THAT I WAS PLAYING IN THE GARDEN, when all of a sudden the sky grew dark a figure dressed in black came out of nowhere, as the figure came closer; it was a woman with dark black hair, pale skin and blood red eyes looking at me, then started laughing i wondered why when my mom ran out to save me from this figure and saw it was too late as she ran to me saying"leave her alone" "why should i, she is powerful?" she answers "dark queen, you dont belong here leave her, dont kill her, please don't" my mom says begging. "why isn't the little princess a beauty, i wish i had a heart but i dont" she says laughing with an evil smile. "goodbye, princess forever" she says before vanishing "nooooooooo" was the last thing i heard my mother say before i blacked out, i woke up in my mother's arm. I saw her crying her eyes were full of tears. I heard another voice saying that she will soon wake up her powers saved her and that was all heard. It's been twelve years since then, i'm 16 in 10th grade, i started living with aunt in arizona. I go to rosewood high. Its morning, my darn alarm clock woke me up for school
  2. "wake up sleepy head" my aunt called as i struggled to get out of bed feeling very sleepily, i go into the bathroom and take a shower and pick up a cute hollister v-neck and denim shorts-shorts. I go downstairs, i see my aunt on the phone talking quietly, i was kind of suspicious not trying to interrupt i quietly sit on the chair and get some toast, i keep looking she kept nodding her head, i looked away and i later finished my toast, i said goodbye to my aunt and left out the door
  3. I get to the bus stop just in time waiting for the bus, because i didn't have a car yet, i get on the bus and pay my bus fare, i look among the sea of passengers and i see one next to a guy with golden streaked dirty blond hair, pale skin and golden eyes "is this sit taken?" i asked still staring at this face, "yeah sure...why not?" he answered. I just sat down next to him staring out the window listening to my i-pod; he looked so familiar like i have seen him, before somewhere i just didn't know.
  4. When i get to school, i get my books from the locker and head for first period, which is calculus i sit down next to a tallish guy quite older than me i guess with dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He kind of fit. He looks over at me and says, "hi". I say "hello" like i didn't have anything better to say. "my name's aaron", he says "whats yours?" i was about to tell him, when miss arrigon followed by the guy i saw in the bus. Mrs. Arrigon says, "Class, this is collin he's our new student. Collin, tell us something about yourself?" he smiles at everyone but kind of glances at me, as if he's worried or somesort and tells everyone he moved here from flordia. He stares at me, and takes the seat offered next to rose, a hot cheerleader who well flirts with him during the whole period.
  5. the bell rings its lunch time. I force my way though the crowd of students trying to make it to my locker; when i reached my locked my bestie charlotte was waiting for me, she has long golden brown hair and hazal eyes with a hint of green in them. "hows senior year, alli" charlotte asks "cool!!" i said as we were walking down the hall to the cafteria to get our lunch hoping sonner or later she would change the topic. We sit at our usual table; as i sit down, i feel like someone staring at me. I take a look behind me pushing back my long black hair back and i meet aaron's blue gaze. His brow is furrow like his worried about something, but when he realizes am staring at him, he glances away quickly and turns to talk urgently to a guy with a dark black hair in bangs with green eyes. I felt kind of creped out, so i turn to talk to charlotte about last night math homework "i don't understand number 4, charlotte" i said looking at her but her attention was somewhere else, i decide to get her gaze and realized that she was looking night at collin, who is constantly looking at me, i turned he looked away weird????. Lunch is over, and i have art next period.
  6. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry am not really good at this
  7. am sorry this was so short, but its my first quiz
  8. please tell me what you think in the comments it will help me to continue

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