what type of jedi are you part 2

A recreation of the last one in my ongoing quiz/story series that tells of your self inside of an alternate star wars universe.

This tells you of a new story that you encounter with quick story changes and a witty player that controls the universe by the power of the force.

Created by: sith lord

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  1. You are revived after your last battle and are in a bacta tank.
  2. You have escaped the bacta take when it turns out you are in a imperial base where the rebuilt galen marek(vaders betrayed apprentice.
  3. After you leave you find a fortune teller you ask him/her what you are what does he/she say
  4. You are enraged about what you hear
  5. You see galen once again he attacks you have no choice but to attack
  6. you win and take his light saber
  7. you find a tie fighter that has unchangable cordinates
  8. You come to the death star to fight darth vader who greets by bringing down your ship
  9. You see him fall by the shock wave and drop his lightsaber
  10. qut refder ned shoiwf adhry(ithorian)are you ready to know what you are.
  11. well to bad cause its not over
  12. then the emperor comes and with his stormtroopers repairs you
  13. you are now in your new imperial meditation chamber

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Quiz topic: What type of jedi am I part 2