Are you a smart or dumb Jedi?

Ok People! This is how my rating process goes: Bottom Percentage Score- A young child who hasn't yet been discovered by the Jedi Second Bottom Percentage Score- A Youngling Third Bottom Percentage Score- A Padawan Learner Third Best Percentage Score- A Member of the Jedi Order Second Best Percentage Score- A Jedi Master Best Percentage Score- A Member Of The Jedi Council

I'm sorry about that rather long paragraph but I always feel that there is always a lot of stuff to explain. So are you in the Jedi Council with your head held high? Or are you still a Slave Boy with a drooping head? Let's find out!

Created by: Sammy K

  1. Where is the Jedi Temples Destination?
  2. Yoda's surname is Jofago. True/False?
  3. Where did Yoda die?
  4. Where was Anakin Skywalker discovered?
  5. What is Anakins mothers name?
  6. Who is Luke Skywalker's sister?
  7. Who killed Darth Sidious?
  8. Who is Darth Vader?
  9. Which episode was the discovery of the Clones in?
  10. Who killed Ben Kenobi?

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Quiz topic: Am I a smart or dumb Jedi?