what type of jedi are you

you want to know if you are a jedi master? well then this is the quiz for you! if you always say that you are a jedi master you will know what you really are in just a few seconds

Are you a jedi master? Do you know the force well enough to be put with the jedi council? well this is the quiz you should take right now! well i hope you take this quiz and be at least a jedi master

Created by: eedan

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  1. if you are only a jedi knight and you are asked to train a padawan, what do you do
  2. if you are facing 20 giant monsters, what is the first thing you do
  3. if you were given the choice to work beside a jedi, who do you coose to be with
  4. how do you think of yourself at school
  5. if you here there is an intrusion by cad bane in the jedi temple, what do you do
  6. pick one! Quick!
  7. do you like to read
  8. do you think the jedi council will accept you
  9. when do you finish projects
  10. did you like this quiz
  11. have you watched all the movies of star wars

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Quiz topic: What type of jedi am I