Which Jedi/Sith Are You?

Welcome to to Jedi/Sith Quiz! This quiz will attempt to match your personality to one of the major Jedi or Sith from Episodes I-VI. This quiz doesn't take into account all of the other random Jedi and Sith from the fan books or other sources; just the movies. I don't have Count Dooku as a result here, cause I didn't really like him, plus he is really just a plot device in the grand scheme of things. I considered having Luke in here, but as I designed the quiz I found that Obi-wan And Luke were pretty much the same so I didn't.

Please answer these questions as honestly as possible. This quiz doesn't test your knowledge of the characters, or even which character you want to be. It is designed to test which character's personality fits yours the best. This might disappoint some if you don't get the result you want.

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  1. If you had to choose, which of these would be you goal in life?
  2. What would your training focus on?
  3. Are you easily angered?
  4. Can anger be a useful tool?
  5. Which of these quotes appeals to you the most?
  6. What would be your preferred weapon?
  7. Which of these best describes you?
  8. Which of these bands/artists is most appealing to you?
  9. Have you ever been in a fight?
  10. If you have been in some fights, did you usually start them?
  11. Do you think that violence is a valid way to solve problems?
  12. Pick the word that appeals most to you.
  13. Do you believe in destiny?

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