Is The Force With You?

Many people have medichlorians. Find out if you do. Are you acceptable at The Jedi Academy? Please answer honestly and do not be seduced by the dark side.

Are you a Jedi? find out in this inniutive quiz to test your Jedi skills. Try it out and pass it on! Show your friends if they are a Jedi or a Sith! You'll never know unless you take this quiz.

Created by: Joe C.
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hold your palm out towards a person, and say "I will give you a doughnut." What is their response?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Do you dream about the oppisite gender?
  4. Do you feel blind to pain when you are angry? Are you angry often?
  5. Are you competetive and jealous?
  6. Have You been tested for medichlorians?
  7. If you have, what is your level? (say no if you haven't.)
  8. Are you married?
  9. If given the choice would you kill your worst enemy or give mercy?
  10. Do you use your stregths for ideals against what your parents or family taught you?

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