Jedi or Sith what are you?

Some say that there are only two types of people in the word. Good and evil, light and dark, and in some cases, Jedi and Sith (The two basic representations of good and evil depicted in the Star Wars universe).

This quiz is designed to determine which of these two categories you fit in to. Are you a wise and peaceful Jedi, or a Violent and destructive Sith? Simply answer these questions about your everyday life, and find out just how good (or evil) you really are.

Created by: Zac
  1. If you had the chance to 'nick a pocket', would you?
  2. If someone was verbally abusing you, you would...
  3. If you were told to go away because you had hurt someone's feelings, would you?
  4. Do you judge books by their covers?
  5. In the game of RPS (Rock Paper Scissors), which throw are you most likely to use?
  6. Which genre of music do you most like listening to?
  7. Do you think of yourself as being powerful?
  8. What element on shows such as 'Avatar' do you most like?
  9. What genre of video game do you prefer?
  10. What is your main goal in life?

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Quiz topic: Jedi or Sith what am I?