what jedi/sith are you?

there are many humans and aliens out there. but if you were wise enough to take this quit you are smart.your trained in the force. you are very very wise. may the force be with you.

are you a jedi?or aren't you?take this quiz find out baby.cmon do it. you know you want too. Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!" you must try it you will have fun it is really funn i mean really really really fun. did i mention fun!

Created by: andrew
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  1. where do you loyaties lie?
  2. someone is makeing fun of your mum what do you do
  3. the dark side is stronger
  4. the light side is strongest
  5. you should rely on your passions to gain strength
  6. the death star shouldn't have been destroyed i could do better than vader
  7. you have a chance to kill you master what do you do?
  8. i am the most powerful
  9. i trust my bestfriend with my life
  10. who is you love?

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Quiz topic: What jedi/sith am I?