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Welcome to my very first quiz - Meet the Monster! I would like to thank you for taking your time, and checking my quiz out! I've read some other story quizzes, and I thought it would be fun to write my own!

I wrote this story for a project a few years ago, and really like how it turned out. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the story, and come back for part 1!!

Created by: KBlue
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  1. I looked around and saw evil. Pure hatred, and torchure. They all stood behind their glass observing wall, watching my every little move
  2. Only one of them was in the 'lab' with me, though. He loomed over me, with a suit on that only revealed his hands. A gasmask concealed his identity, make me even more scared of this place. To bad I was being blinded by the bright light reflecting off of the white tile and walls. My eyes were already hurting enough by passing out, and them almost being glued shut.
  3. He was over me, pinning me down on the small, small hospital bed in the middle of the lab. I had already broken the restraints that were strapping me down to the rolling hospital bed. But then, the unexpected happened.
  4. The pain spread throughout my body. I jerked uncontrollably, and the man pinning me on the bed was tossed to the side, and hit the left wall with a crack. I fell to the ground on my back, and my eyes rolled back, showing only the whites of my eyes. I shook uncontrollably on the lab's stunning, white tile. A line of saliva teared out of the corner of my open mouth. I could barely hear Professor Manooy shouting from the other side of the glass wall. Up until now, I didn't believe a word that any of the scientists had said. I'll never get to thank them, because right then, my word went a deadly black.
  5. Hi, my name is Evan Roberts. I'm a 17 year old kid living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 3 years ago, i got my hair bleached, and shaved into a mowhawk-Followed by peircings, tatoos, a guitar, and a band. Well, that has been long gone. At the end of our 8th grade year we split up and went our own ways. I went back home with my family, and went directly into a low paying job. No, I never went to highschool. I'm not a dropout though, like my mom. That's not bad... Right?
  6. Anyways, I would've been booted anyway. My family doesn't have enough money to pay, and I don't do well with other kids my age.
  7. **some other Important things about me** #1 I have odd colored blue eyes #2 I have huge problems with temper #3 I'm adopted (suprizingly, I only learned that a couple months ago) & #4, I'm a fighter (not a pro.. Hopefully, I'll get there)
  8. Anyways, my life seems pretty messed up. I guess you could say it all started about 13 years ago. I remember a faint memory of my sister, and men in white jackets. I'll never forget the horrible sounds she made when they yelled. My mother told me that my older sister, Allie, who was 15 at the time, was murdered by those men. Imagine a 4 year old, brown haired, big blue-eyed kid witnessing his whole family's murder cases. That would be me.
  9. But, our basic human lives cannot be fully completed without death. Why you think I'm saying this? Every day after you are born, you are one step closer to death, and your destiny. But why did God put us on this Earth? To watch us vanquish? For the world to end? Our lives are a mear second to God.
  10. Ever since I've learned about all of that, I've turned to the worst things that life gives. Courage, strength, disbelief, drugs, and breaking the law.
  11. But why does God still let me live?
  12. Okay, thank you for taking my quiz!!! Any corrections, or pointers are ABSOLUTLY ACCEPTED. Please don't copy my story, thank you, and i hope to see you in Part 1!

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