What Monster are You?

there are so many personality types that fit the "monster" genre but which out of these monsters are you TRUELY? this quiz shows simple questions that bareely relate to the monster types and more toward personality types.

so what do YOu thinnk your result will be? could you be a demon or possibly a vampire? how about a strut yoour stuff mer-creature or a fun loving adorable fairy? find out here!

Created by: bridget

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like the color redZ?
  2. do you like being out with friends and going to the mall?
  3. if you could kill someone with NO consequences whatsoever would you do it?
  4. do you lie?
  5. pick a face.
  6. what time of day do you like?
  7. which monster race would you most likely not get along with?
  8. do you like the cold?
  9. would you befriend a human?
  10. do you drink lots of fluids?

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Quiz topic: What Monster am I?