How Los Angeles, California are you?

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is known for many great things... great restaurants, the beaches, Clippers and the Lakers... Yeah, its hard to live in LA sometimes but still most people that live there LOVE it there.

How well do YOU know Los Angeles, California? Have you been here long enough to know it? or do you still have a lot more to learn? Can you really say that you KNOW Los Angeles? Take this quiz and find out!!! :)

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During winter...
it's so cold you have to put on three giant fur coats.
you can go to the beach and ski at Big Bear on the same day.
you realize New Jersey was better.
Your shows are constantly interrupted by...
too many commercials.
hurricane warnings.
police chases.
your urge to eat FOOD.
If you're going to buy something at the store and it's three minutes away...
you run there with your dog. It's good exercise for you AND your dog.
you walk there. There's no danger anyway.
you're definitely driving there.
stay home and watch Laguna Beach.
In your neighborhood, there's mostly these kinds of restaurants...
ummm it's LA... there are no restaurants.
You've done which one of these on a freeway off-ramp?
Your car stopped.
Gone over the speed limit.
Bought oranges, flowers, etc.
You know that an In-N-Out is..
a place where you go in and someone decides to take you out.
a fast-food restaurant.
a bank.
You know "the Valley" is
a club.
San Fernando.
not anywhere close to LA!!!!
an ugly, disgusting place... I should NEVER have moved out of New York!
When somebody asks you for directions at a stop light you tell them ...
nothing. You wait for the green light to come up and drive away.
go ask at 7 Eleven.
you dunno.
duuude, it's like over thereee.
perfect directions and it usually ends with the phrase WITH OR WITHOUT TRAFFIC.
hola... and smile at them.
Driving along, you see a high-speed police chase approaching in your rear view mirror.... and
you start panicking and frantically look for a way to drive away from it all.
you try to be the hero and drive in front of the car, so as to block it.
pull over.
You don't panic or even flinch. Instead, you call your friends on your cell phone and tell them you're on TV.
You are awakened in the middle of the night by a moderate earthquake. What do you do?
are not familiar with this... so you run over to your neighbor's house and ask him/her what to do.
thought it was a hurricane.. but realize it's not and go back to sleep.
scream your lungs out.
You reply THAT AIN'T EVEN A 5-POINTER, and go back to sleep.
Think it's a terrorist attack and turn on the TV to see if it is.
You live 15 miles from work.. how long does it take you to get home?
7 minutes.
60 minutes.. at the least.
You don't know.... the traffic is getting you annoyed by now.
I take the MTA... so I don't really care.
You know that in Beverly Hills...
not everyone is a millionaire.
everyone's rich.
it snows 2-4 times per year.
You love LA because...
of all the different things to do. There's always somewhere you can go.
It's just awesome!!!!
it's really close to the beach.
you don't love it... I was forced to move here. grrrr

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